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The two ranking generals were Grant (North) and Pemberton (South).

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There were no Italian generals at Vicksburg.

grant controlled the Mississippi river and surrounded the Vicksburg city on land

The Union Generals at the Siege of Vicksburg were Ulysses S. Grant and David D. Porter, while the Confederate general was John C. Pemberton.

General Ulysses S. Grant was a general for the north during the Battle of Vicksburg. Lt. General John C. Pemberton was the general for the south during the Battle of Vicksburg.

Union: General Ulysses S. Grant Confederate: General John C. Pemberton

No, Lee was fighting the Battle of Gettysburg hundreds of miles away.

Grant led the Union Army of the Tennessee against Pemberton's rebel Army of Mississippi.

Perhaps one telling factor on the South's value of Vicksburg lay in their choice of generals that were there to defend the city. Confederate General Pemberton was given command of Vicksburg, however, he was never considered to be a top Confederate general.

General U. s Grant - Union Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton - Confederate

When Vicksburg surrendered, more than 30,000 Confederate soldiers and 15 generals fell in Union hands. Furthermore the Federals seized 260 guns, 38,000 projectiles, 25,832 kilograms of powder, about 60,000 rifled Enfield muskets.

High ranking Confederate generals were clearly aware of the propaganda value for the Union on the capture of Vicksburg. So did President Jefferson Davis, however, Davis wanted to save Vicksburg. General Robert E. Lee valued the city primarily because Vicksburg prevented the Union from having uninterrupted lanes of commerce on the Mississippi River. Lee, however, did not want to weaken his own army's strength in the East. General Longstreet believed that as long as the Rebels could hold other positions on the banks of the Mississippi, Vicksburg was expendable. As for General Johnson, he valued Middle Tennessee much more than Vicksburg and Beauregard seemed to pay little attention to Vicksburg.Looking back, the levels of commerce from northern states using the Mississippi River indicated that the amount of their trade in 1860, was less after the fall of Vicksburg in 1863. With all that said, it's clear that the propaganda value for the Union was a huge plus, but it did not change the course of the outcome of the war. Defending Rebels who surrendered at Vicksburg were paroled by Major General US Grant.

Vicksburg is in Mississippi.

Vicksburg is in Mississippi.

Vicksburg is in Mississippi.

The address of the Vicksburg Museum is: Po Box 103, Vicksburg, MI 49097-0103

The Siege of Vicksburg was fought in the vicinity of Vicksburg, MS.

Two important generals for the Union would be Gen. George McClellan and Gen. Ulysses s. Grant. McClellan was the first general to lead the Union army, but he fell out of favor with President Lincoln who fired him and gave his job away to General Burnside. Grant was one of the most successful generals. He led the siege of Vicksburg and many other battles and won.

The address of the Vicksburg District Library is: 215 South Michigan Avenue, Vicksburg, 49097 1222

Private soldiers are not usually involved in strategic planning. Generals and their staffs are. Soldiers use tactics to carry out operations at the service of greater strategies.

The Siege of Vicksburg occured in and around Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The address of the Vicksburg Transportation Museum is: 129 Hoxie Rd, Vicksburg, MS 39180-6340