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Q: Who were the political leaders in the 1930s?
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What policies did dictators and military leaders follow in the 1930s?


How are political leaders in Israel unlike other religions?

Since Israel has no official state religion, its political leaders are not religious leaders, and its religious leaders are not political leaders, in contrast to some other countries in the region and elsewhere.

Who was the dominant political party from the 1860s to the 1930s?


What were the effects of the global depression in the 1930s?

starvation and political unrest

A private meeting of political party leaders was called a?

A private meeting of political party leaders was called a Tradition

One way fascist leaders in the 1920s and 1930s gained popular support was by?


What was A powerful political body that advised roman leaders?

julius caser was a powerful and political body that advised the roman leaders

Are prime ministers the same as Opposition leaders?

No. Prime Ministers are in government (the head of the executive branch) and leaders of their political party in the legislature, while Opposition leaders are simply the leaders of their political party in the legislature,

Who are the leaders in the state legislature?

The leaders in state legislatures are:Speaker of the housePresidentLieutenant Governorand The Majority Political Party

What was the political climate of the 1930s?

There was the threat of the spread of Communism in America. Along with this threat, the Great Depression occurred in the early 30s crippling the world's economy. During the thirties, totalitarian leaders started to gain power, because they claimed to be for the people. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were all gaining political power in the thirties. These political conditions led to WWII.

Who were the political leaders of Carthage?

Its senators.

Who are the leaders of political systems?

the government