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Many biblical students believe the Church of God, initially called 'The Way' and only later in Antioch was labeled Christianity, began in the Upper Room outside of Jerusalem on Pentecost Sunday, Jun 17, 31 A.D.. This is exactly 50 days (meaning of Pentecost) after the Saturday resurrection of Jesus.

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Q: Who when where and how started Christianity?
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What event started Christianity?

AnswerChristians believe that the event that really started Christianity was the resurrection of Jesus.

What religion started about 2000 years ago?

Christianity started about 2000 years ago!

Where did Christianity Judaism and Islam start?

answer1. Islam started in 600-800 CE2. Christianity sarted in 20-200 CE3. judaism stated 4000 years agoanswerActually, the previous answer doesn't say where these religions started.Judaism and Christianity started in Israel. Islam started in Saudi Arabia.

In which present - Day country did the religion of Christianity begin?

Christianity started in Israel, with the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ.

Did Christianity started in Greece?

No, in Palestine

Who started the spread of Christianity?


How did Judaism and Christianity start?

Judaism & Christianity started with God's Covenant with Abraham.

Where the religion started Christianity?

God started Christianity through Christ in Israel first, then it spread to other nations who loved God.

Which countries started Christianity?

Christianity started in Judea in present day Israel, which was a province of the Roman Empire. It then spread around this empire.

Where is Christianity started?

It started in Rome (Not the Middle East) and spread quickly.

What person started the religion of Christianity?

Jesus Christ is the originator of CHRISTianity (named for Christ)

Where did the ideas of Christianity start?

The ideas of Christianity started in Judea with the teaching of Jesus Christ.