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it'll be shivranjani who became the dream pop-star contest winner....she is a real popstar like Hannah Montana.

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In the new episodes of Hannah Montana which phone is Hannah or miley using?

Hannah Montana has an iphone.

What is the new Hannah Montana called?

It is now call Hannah Montana Forever.

Who's opening for Hannah Montana in new Orleans?

All the Hannah Montana fans I guess!! Hannah Montana is one of the best popstars and the most popular one! I am a Hannah Montana fan myself and I am crazy for Hannah Montana!

Is any more new tv shows come on Hannah Montana?

No. Hannah Montana Forever ended the Hannah Montana show forever.

Is there going to be a new Hannah Montana movie?

Probably. A sequel to Hannah Montana the movie.

What song did Taylor swift sing on Hannah Montana?

She was never on Hannah Montana but in the new movie *The Hannah Montana movie* ugh.She sings crazier.

How do you meet Hannah Montana?

you can meet Hannah Montana if you new her. f ou want t met Hannah Montana keep on dreamingAnswerYOU CANT MEET HANNAH MONTANA OK OK OK OK

Is there a new Hannah Montana?

of course there is!

When does the new Hannah Montana CD come out?

I believe the new Hannah Montana CD (volume 3) came out today or yesterday.

Why are they going to replace Hannah Montana for a new Hannah Montana?

Because miley cyrus wants to retire.

Are there going to be any new Hannah Montana episodes?

Yes there are. But after Season 4, Hannah Montana is over.

Is Miley Cyrus continueing being Hannah Montana?

Yes! There are new Hannah Montana series on Disney Channel so surely miley is continuing to be Hannah Montana!

What shows do Hannah Montana act in?

Hannah Montana; That's so Suite Life of Hannah Montana; Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana; Hannah Montana: The Movie and Hannah Montana: The Concert that's it

Who going to be the a new Hannah Montana?

If the Hannah Montana series will continue without Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez will probably be the next Hannah.

Hannah Montana New movie called?

"Hannah Montana: The Movie" or it could be called one in a million x

Can you see Hannah Montana forever episodes today?

There is a new episode of Hannah Montana almost every Sunday.

Is Hannah Montana going to have a new CD?


When will Hannah Montana come to new brunswick?


Did Miley Cyrus stop Hannah Montana in the movie Hannah Montana?

She did not stop being Hannah Montana in the Hannah Montana movie

What was out first High School Musical or Hannah Montana?

It was Hannah Montana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like Hannah Montana the show !!!!

Which was the first album of Hannah Montana?

The first album made by Hannah Montana was called Hannah Montana. The Hannah Montana albums are Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana 2, Meet Miley Cyrus, Breakout, and Hannah Montana the Movie soundtrack. (the albums are in order from oldest to newest.)

Is there going to be a Hannah Montana season 4?

On the night of March 14, 2010 Hannah announced there will be another season of Hannah Montana. The new shows will be titled as Hannah Montana Forever.No. There will not be another season of the show. Hannah Montana fans will miss Hannah (Miley) but she is grown now and will move on to other roles.

How dues Hannah Montana like?

i love you Hannah Montanai love you Hannah Montana

Who plays Hannah Montana in Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is played by Miley Cyrus.

How can you be Hannah Montana?

You can't be Hannah Montana. There is already a Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus.