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Q: Who will win the Packers vs Eagles game today?
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Did the eagles win the game today?

yes, they did

What was the final score of the eagles victory against green bay in 1960 NFL championship game?

The Eagles defeated the Packers, 17-13, to win the 1960 NFL championship.

What was the final score of the Eagles victory against Green Bay in the 1960 NFL Championship Game?

The Eagles defeated the Packers, 17-13, to win the 1960 NFL championship.

Did the packers ever win a game in Minnesota?

Yes. 2007 was the last win by the Packers in Minnesota.

Who will win the football game on Sunday eagles or the giants?

the eagles

Who will win the Falcons game this Saturday?

The Green Bay Packers will win.

Who is going to win in the bears vs packers game?

The bears is going to win.

Will the eagles win a Super Bowl under Vick?

It is very possible the Eagles' odds to win it all is 10/1 which s the fourth best in the league. Behind only the Patriots, 49ers, and Packers.

Are the eagles going to win the game?


Will the Steelers beat the Green Bay Packers today?

No the Packers win mostly everytime!

What teams do the Chicago Bears play in 2013?

That will depend on which teams win the first round playoff games that will be played on the weekend of January 8-9. Since the Bears are the second seed in the NFC, they get a week off and then will play the highest seeded winner of the Saints (#5 seed) vs. Seahawks (#4 seed) and Eagles (#3 seed) vs. Packers (#6 seed) games. If the Eagles beat the Packers, the Bears will play the Eagles as the Eagles would be the highest seeded winner. If the Packers beat the Eagles, the Bears will play the winner of the Saints/Seahawks game.

What teams have the Packers lost to?

First, the Green Bay Packers traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Packers emerged victorious with a final score of 21-16, Packers. The Packers then traveled south to Atlanta, Georgia, to take on the Atlanta Falcons. The Packers once again emerged victorious, destroying the Falcons 48-21. The Packers then went to Chicago to take on their rival Chicago Bears. The Packers won that game 21-14, to win the NFC Championship Game. On to Arlington, Texas, the Packers went to take on the AFC Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Packers won the game 31-25.