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8 - Bill Tilden, 1918-25; Ivan Lendl, 1982-89

7 - Richard Sears, 1881-87

5 - Jimmy Connors, 1974-78; Maurice McLoughlin, 1911-15; Robert Wrenn, 1893-97 Pete Sampras 1990, 1993, 1995, 1996, 2002

4 - Bill Johnston, 1922-25; Bill Larned, 1900-03; Henry Slocum, 1887-90, Roger Federer 2004-2007, 3 - John McEnroe, 1979-81;


6 - Chris Evert, 1975-80; Pauline Betz, 1941-46

5 - Elisabeth Moore, 1901-05; Molla B. Mallory, 1920-24; Helen H. Jacobs, 1932-36; Martina Navratilova, 1983-87

4 - Juliette Atkinson, 1895-98; Molla Bjurstedt, 1915-18; Margaret Osborne, 1947-50; Doris Hart, 1952-55; Evonne Goolagong, 1973-76; Steffi Graf, 1993-1996

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Male: Mats Wilander, Ivan Lendl, Gustavo Kuerton and Rafael Nadal have won it three times (Bjorn Borg, Max Decugis and Henri Cochet have won it more times, 6, 4 and 8 times respectively)

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Monica Seles won the French Open in 1990, 1991 and 1992.

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Q: Who won US Open in tennis 3 times?
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Who has won the US tennis open five times?

Connors, Sampras, Federer

Who won the US Open tennis championship two times?

Kim Clijsters.

Which US woman tennis player has won the French Open a record 7 times?

Chris Evert. The American who has won the french open 7 times. (1974,1975,1979,1980,1983,1985 and then her last in 1986).

Who is the 6-time winner of US Open Tennis Tournament?

Chris Evert won the US Open 6 times, the only person to do so.

Who won the last US Golf and Tennis open?

The 2011 US golf open was won by Rory Mcilroy and the 2011 US tennis open, was won in the mens by Novak Djokovic and in the womens by Samantha Stosur.

Which US woman tennis player has won French Open record 7 times?

From my side it should be Chris Evert

Who is winning in the us tennis open 2010?

Rafael Nadal won the US Open for men's singles.

Who won at the 2010 tennis US Open?

Rafael Nadal won the 2010 U.S. Open in men's singles.

Which tournament has Swiss tennis star Roger Federer won six times?

Wimbledon, Us Open and A few more I think.

Who won 2010 us tennis open?

raefel nadal(spain)

Who won the 1964 us tennis OPEN tourney?

Roy Emerson

Who won the 2009 men's US Open tennis tournament?