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Who won the 2006 NCAA and NBA championships?

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Florida beat UCLA 73-57 to win the NCAA Title

Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks 4 games to 2 for the NBA Title.

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What current NBA players have won ncaa and NBA championships?

Micheal jordon won both nba and ncaa

What NBA players have won NCAA basketball championships twice or more?


What college has won the most NCAA championships?

UCLA has won 11 NCAA mens championships. Tennessee has won 8 NCAA women's championships.

Why is Mario Chalmers not on list of players having won NCAA and NBA championships?

He will b now having win the NCAA in 2008 and the NBA title as part of the 2012 Heat

Tennesse basketball has won how many NCAA championships?

100000 NCAA Championships

How many total ncaa championships have the university of North Carolina won?

UNC has won 4 ncaa championships, and 16 ACC championships.

How many NBA finals did the heat win?

The Heat have won two NBA championships: 2006 and 2012.

What team in the NBA won the most championships?

The Boston Celtics won the most NBA championships. They won 17 NBA Titles (

How many NCAA National Championships have the Duke Blue Devils won to date?

The Duke Blue Devils mens basketball team have won 12 NCAA National Championships between 1979 and 2013. They have had 79 former members join the NBA.

Who won the nba championships in 2006?

Miami Heat to Dallas Mavericks 4-2

How many NCAA Hockey Championships has Boston College won?

The Eagles have won 3 NCAA Championships - 1949, 2001, and 2008

How many total NCAA championships has the University of Texas won?

39 out of their 47 won national championships are NCAA championship wins.

How many NBA championships have the knicks won?

The Knicks have won two NBA championships: 1970, 1973.

Which team won most NBA championships?

The Boston Celtics have won the most NBA Championships with 17.

How many men's basketball NCAA championships have the Louisville?

Louisville has won 2 mens ncaa championships.

Which College women's softball team has won the most NCAA championships and how many?

UCLA has won the most NCAA championships with 11 wins.

How NBA championships have the Spurs won?

The Spurs have won 4 NBA championships: 1999, 2003, 2005, and 2007.

How many NCAA championships has Georgia tech won?

The NCAA does not award football championships. Georgia Tech has won one NCAA team championship: women's tennis, 2007.

Which college team won the NCAA basketball championships 7 years in a row?

UCLA is the NCAA school that won seven basketball championships in a row from 1967 to 1973. As of September 2014, UCLA has won a total of 11 NCAA basketball championships.

Who has won the most NCAA basketball championships?

UCLA with 11 championships.

What teams have won NCAA basketball championships?

UCLA with 11 championships

How many NCAA football championships has the University of Nebraska won?

They have won 5 national championships

How many ncaa football championships has Syracuse won?

the Syracuse orange have won 11 championships

How many NCAA Football Championships have the Texas Longhorns won?

The Texas Longhorns have the won three NCAA Football Championships: 1963, 1969, and 2005

How many NCAA mens basketball championships have the Duke Blue Devils won?

Duke has won four NCAA championships. (fifth all-time)