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Who won the 4th crusade?

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The Fourth Crusade never made it to the Holy Land, but the Christian cities of Zara and Constantiniple were sacked, and the Pope excommunicated this crusader army.

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Who won the 6th crusade?

The Christians won the Sixth Crusade.

Who won the eighth crusade?

the muslims won the eighth crusade

Whom won the first crusade?

The christians won the first crusade

Who won the fifth crusade?

the Muslims won

Who won the seventh crusade?

muslims won

Who won the sixth crusade?

The Mamluks won

The Fourth Crusade was launched by who?

Never was a 4th crusade. They skipped 4 and went straight to a 5th crusade ;)

Which crusade was the worst?

the 4th

Who won the ninth crusade?

The Muslims did.

Who won the last crusade?


Who won each crusade?

1st Crusade - Franks took Jerusalem 2nd Crusade - Franks did not take Jerusalem 3rd Crusade - Franks did not take Jerusalem

Who won the first crusade?

The First Crusade could be said that it was a victory of sorts for the Crusaders.

What was the city Christians won during the Fisrt Crusade but later lost to Saladin?

JERUSALEM qualifies as a city Christians won during the Fisrt Crusade but later lost to Saladin (in the Second Crusade).

Who won the second crusade?

i think it was the Muslims

What crusades did the crusaders win?

They won the first crusade.

When did the 4th crusade start and end?

The 4h Crusade began in the year 1202 and ended in the year 1204. The result of this Crusade was the creation of the Latin empire.

What did the Muslims do during the 4th crusade?

looted constantinople

Where did the crusaders of the 4th crusade travel?

They went to Venice...

Who won the childrens crusade?

george bush and bin laden

How many Crusades were their?

Most people think there were about 10 crusades... The People's Crusade The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th crusade The Childrens crusade

What happened in 1204 in Constantinople?

The sack of constantinople in the 4th crusade

Who won the crusade?

Muslims, but the Christians were allowed back in Jerusalem, i think ?

When did the 4th crusade begin?

it began in 1202 by Pope Innocent the third

Who won the Oscar for Sound Editing in 1989?

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade won the Oscar for Sound Editing in 1989.

What was the cause of the fourth crusade?

The truce between Richard the Lion-Hearted and Saladin did not last so Pope Innocent III launched the 4th crusade.

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