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Who won the Battle of Manassas?

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February 05, 2011 1:54AM

The battle of Manassas or the first battle of bull run was won by the confederates

The Confederates won both the battles of Manassas (or Bull Run).

In the first battle, the Confederate commander was Joseph E. Johnston, who partly ceded his position to P.G.T Beauregard on account of the latter's familiarity with the terrain. The Union commander was the unfortunate Irvin MacDowell, who knew all too well that his army was not ready for operations, but had been pushed into it by the politicians and the press.

In the second battle, the Confederate commander was Robert E. Lee, greatly helped by Stonewall Jackson, who easily wrong-footed the Union commander John Pope. It was, however, the last of Lee's spectacular string of victories that summer.