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The Battle of Plataea was a decisive victory for the Greeks.

There is a link to an article below for more information.

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Q: Who won the Battle of Plataea?
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Who won the battle Plataea?

The Battle of Plataea was a decisive victory for the Greeks. There is a link to an article below for more information.

Who fought in the battle of Plataea?

Greece and Persia and Greece won

When did Battle of Plataea happen?

Battle of Plataea happened in -479.

Where was the battle of Plataea fought at?

Near the city of Plataea in central Greece.

Why was the battle of Plataea important?


Who one the battle on plataea?

the greek

How did the Persians attack in the battle of plataea?

With their cavalry.

How long did the battle of Plataea last?

A day.

Who was the commander of the Persian at the battle of Plataea?


When did the Battle of Plataea happen?

479 BCE.

Who won the plataea war?

Plataia was a battle in the 50 year Persian War. A coalition of Greek city-states defeated a Persian expeditionary force in the battle.

What were the names of the three battles in Persia's second invasion of Greece and who won each?

The Battle of Thermopylae: The Persians won the Battle of Thermopylae against the Spartans, but it was a Pyrrhic Victory. The Battle of Salamis: This Naval Battle was critically won by the Athenians against the Persians. The Battle of Plataea: This Battle was won by the Alliance of Greek City States against the Persians.

Who wins the battle on the plain of plataea?

The Athenians and Plataians.

Which cities were involved in the battle of marathon?

Athens and Plataea .

What happened at the Battle of Plataea?

The Battle of Plataea 479 BC marked the final battle of the Second Persian invasion of Greece . This battle would mark the last time a Persian army invaded mainland Greece .

Who won the land Battle of Plataea?

An alliance of southern Greek cities led by Sparta, which defeated the invading Persian army and its Greek allies.

Weapons used in the battle of Plataea?

Spears, swords, bows.

What signaled the end of the battle of plataea?

Retreat of the Persian army.

What was the last battle in the Persian war called?

Plataea of the last battle in the Persian war.

What is the name of the place the Greeks defeated Persians?

Battle of Salamis and later at the Battle of Plataea

Where was the battle of plataea fought?

Near the city of Plataia in central Greece.

Which happened first- battle of Marathon or battle of Platea?

Marathon 490 BCE. Plataea 479 BCE.

Why was Plataea a turning point in the Persian Wars?

The sea battle of Salamis had defeated the Persian fleet, but the Persian invasion army remained. By winning the land battle at Plataea and simultaneously the sea-land battle at Mycale, the Persian invasion was repelled.

What weapons did the Greeks use in the battle of Plataea?

Spear, sword, bow, javelin.

How many Persians where there at the battle of Plataea?

About 90,000 plus 40,000 of their Greek allies.

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