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No man has won a season Grand Slam. Since the Grand Slam of today is different from the one Bobby Jones won, you could argue that he never did it either - but considering his accomplishment, that would just be silly.

Tiger Woods have won all four majors within a period of twelve months, but with a new years eve stuck in the middle.

Two women have won all the LPGA majors of a season: Babe Zaharias who won the three majors held in 1950 and Sandra Haynie who won the only two majors held in 1974.

Bobby Jones' never won a "grand slam" in the modern sense, not just because it didn't exist in his day but for the simple fact that Jones never played professionally. In his day, Golf was still a gentleman's game in the true sense--professional golfers were considered low-class. Jones would have never considered playing for money.

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No one.

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Margaret [nee Smith] Court holds the incredible record in Mixed Doubles titles of winning 12 out of 13 consecutive Grand Slam titles. She won 7 titles in a row. Had she not lost the final of the Wimbledon Mixed doubles title in 1964, she would have achieved 3 consecutive Calendar Grand Slams in Mixed Doubles. Further, she actually won 13 out of 14 Grand Slam tournaments that she entered, having been absent from 3 consecutive tournaments in 1962 after the first of those Grand Slam titles. As history stands, she has achieved one singles Calendar Grand Slam and two mixed doubles Calendar Grand Slams - more Grand Slam achievements than any other player in history.

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The two most prolific are Australian "tennis stars". In terms of singles Calendar Grand Slams, Rod Laver has won two: in 1962 and 1969. Overall, however, Margaret Smith-Court has won the most Calendar Grand Slams of the lot, as she achieved the feat in singles in 1970 and achieved mixed doubles calendar Grand Slams on two or three other occasions. I suppose you might say that makes her the top star of true Grand Slam-making! In terms of Slam events, she has been awarded a total of 64 - 62 she won outright and two she holds jointly when no final was able to be played at the event.

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The Aztec calendar was the time-keeping system that was used by the Aztecs as well as other people throughout ancient Mesoamerica. The calendar had two parts: Xiuhpohualli -- a 365-day calendar, considered the agricultural calendar. Tonalpohualli -- a 260-day calendar, considered the ritual/sacred calendar. The two cycles together formed a 52-year calendar round.

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