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Roger Craig set a new single day cash record of $77,000 on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 see related link

Tournament Winners can not be considered to have won the money in one day though the day they win the tournament it is for much larger amounts of money.

Andy Richter won $68,000.00 yesterday. It was a Celebrity Match see related link

Roger Craig holds the record with the Tuesday September 14 2010 win of $77,000

Ken Jennings Holds the old record of $75,000 from July 23 2004 and also has 11 of the 14 games with scores of $50,000 or higher see related link

A link to the Jeopardy.com hall of Fame has been added below the answer credits under related links.
That is $77,000. The related link for Jeopardy High Games has the Official Jeopardy list of all the games with a one day total of $30,000 or more. Ken Jennings has 22 of the 41 games $40,000 or more

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What is the most amount of money anybody has ever won on Jeopardy in 1 game?

Roger Craig won 77,000 on September 14 2010 beating Ken Jennings $75,000 one day win total from July 23 2004

Has jeopardy ever ended with one contestant?

In the original Art Fleming Version of Jeopardy their was at least one time when none of the contestants fiinshed Double Jeopardy with more than $0 and so the did not even have a final Jeopardy Clue that day. On March 16th, 2011 only one contestant finished Double Jeopardy with a positive amount and went on to play Final Jeopardy alone.

Where can a Jeopardy template for PowerPoint be found?

You can find a Jeopardy template for PowerPoint on various template websites that provide templates for games. The most popular one that provides the Jeopardy template is EdTechNetwork.

Which bank is transferring the most money every day?

The largest bank measured by their assets is the Royal Bank of Scotland. No information on transfer rates are available, but one can assume that the bank with the most assets is also transfering the most money every day.

How long does it take to tape one week's worth of Jeopardy episodes?

Both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy tape a week's worth of episodes during a single day of taping.

What is the most money ever made in one hour?

George soros made around $2 billion in one day

How many Daily Double's in one Jeopardy game?

There are 1 in the first round 2 of them in the second Double Jeopardy round and you could call final jeopardy the 4th since you can double your money if you bet it all, but is is not called a daily double so the answer is 3

How many categories does Jeopardy have?

13 - there are six categories in the Jeopardy round, six in the Double Jeopardy round, and one category for final jeopardy.

How many categories are there in jeopardy?

There are 6 categories in both the Jeopardy Round and the Double Jeopardy round and one more for final Jeopardy making a total of 13 for a show.

How much money did One Day gross worldwide?

One Day grossed $48,086,053 worldwide.

How many contestants at one time on a jeopardy game?

A game of Jeopardy has three contestants.

How much money did One Day gross domestically?

One Day grossed $13,843,771 in the domestic market.

Who is the most expansive footballer?

The one who has the most money

If one needs cash which are the most popular pay day loan companies?

If one needs money, one can search for popular pay day loan companies like Pay Day Loan Service, Kreditech, Investopedia, Ijpe Online or Pioneer Military Loans.

What was the Jeopardy daily calendar question and answer for November 21 2011?

The answers to questions for jeopardy on that date and the questions can be found under the related link I am looking for the question/answer that was on the one-a-day daily tear off calendar...November 21, 2011.

What is largest amount won in one day on Jeopardy?

Roger Craig $ 77,000 09/14/2010 beat Ken Jennings $ 75,000 07/23/2004 record see related link Highest one day totals do not include multiple day tournaments winning day

How do they tape jeopardy?

Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune were one of the first shows with a HI Definition Studio and digital recording

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