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The North, or Union, won the War Between the States.


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North Korea failed to conquer South Korea. South Korea (ROK) still exists today, so ROK won. Had the North conquered the South, they would've won. Which occurred in the Vietnam War...the North conquered the South and won the war.

North Vietnam defeated South Vietnam; the North won the war.

The union won the civil war.

The North won the US Civil War.

The north won the civil war.

If this is civil war related, the north won, not the south. And the north freed the slaves in the south.

The North (Union) forces won over the South (Confederate) forces.

North won due to higher quantity of soldiers.

The North won the Civil War by General Lee from the South surrendered to the North.

The North won the Civil War. All the South had to do was defend. It was up to the North to attack, which in the end they did successfully.

The North won, the South lost.

I think you are referring to the Civil War in which the north won. In the American Revolution the sides were the colonies and Britain. The colonies won in that war.

the north. that's why they won the war

North and south of America fought. North against slavory south for it. After the Civil War and the North won we became one nation.

When the North won the war the South had gotten demolished and slavery had been abolished

Unless you are talking about Vietnam, the North Won! The Union, the north won, while the South confederacy lost

When North Vietnam captured Saigon, South Vietnam's capitol in 1975 North Vietnam won.

The north won the Civil War primarily because of a stronger economy, better navy, and much greater manpower.

If you mean the American Civil War, it was between the North and the South (states) and the North won. This brought about the end of slavery.

the north fought the south, and the north won north- against slavery south- slavery

The North - that is, the Union, or the states that had remained loyal. The South (the Confederates) lost the war.

The north won the war against the south, and many of their ideals were implemented into the new society. Actually the South gave up and surrendered so the North won because of his surrender

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