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only mee!

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Q: Who would be a chief guest for school annual day function?
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Invitation letter to invite chief guest for school annual function?

There are a few ways to do invitation letters to invite chief guest for school annual function. The most use way is putting from and too including the addresses then writing the time date of the function.

Invitation letter to chief guest for annual function?

how to describe about times of functions

How do you call a chief guest upon the stage in a school function?

To call a chief guest on stage at a school function, you can use phrases like "May I invite our esteemed chief guest to kindly come up on stage" or "We would like to welcome our distinguished chief guest to grace the stage." It is important to show respect and gratitude when inviting the chief guest to join the event.

Which song should be used for welcoming guest in school annual function?

The local school song could be a good song for welcoming a guest to a school function. Other songs could be Lean on Me by Bill Withers or What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.

How will you start annual day function?

annual day is started by a good speech of the chief guest .then continuig with the speech of principle and next the aawards will be presented. and at last there will be many cultural programes.

Sample letterforInvitation to chief guest for a club funcstion?

A letter of invitation to the chief guest of a club function needs to explain what the function is, as well as the date and time. The letter also needs to state whether the guest is expected to prepare a speech.

Can you make a sentence using I with IS?

I will go mad if she is there in the function where I am the chief guest.

How do you introduce chief guest in a formal function?

The chief guest is more generally known as the "Guest of Honor". At a formal function, one person is usually chosen to introduce the Guest of Honor. A simple introduction may be given and then something to the effect of "It is a pleasure to introduce" before stating the person's name.

Whom is the chief guest on independence day function 2008?

hamid hansari

Who is the Chief Guest in India's Republic day 2009 function?

Nursultan nazarbayev

What is the difference between 'chief guest' and 'guest of honor'?

I dare to attempt to initiate an answer though I am not an expert on this subject. It appears that the phrase 'Chief guest' does not exist at all. It is actually 'Guest of Honor' who addresses at the gathering and officially opens a formal function concluding his speech. In a sense 'Chief guest' and the 'Guest of honor' are one and the same. Then why the question of difference between these two words arises. After searching the net for a possible answer I noticed that Chief Guest is not used any where except in India. So, in Indian context 'Chief Guest' is equivalent to 'Guest of honor'. They use Chief Guest in the sense of 'Guest of honor'. If that is all it would have not been a problem. But the real confusion arises as both 'Chief Guest' and 'Guest of honor' are being used by Indians for showing some differentiation among the guests invited particularly when there are more number of guests to a formal function. Since they can not call every one of these eminent personalities invited to the function a 'Chief Guest', it might have been practice in India to use 'Guest of honor' for other eminent people than 'Chief Guests' to show respect. The 'Chief Guest' in India enjoys/assumes the role what 'Guest of honor' enjoys/assumes else where. And the 'Guest of Honor' is used in India only to give some importance to the guest invited to the function but nothing else and it should not be confused with 'Guest of Honor' used out of India.

How do you invite the chief guest for an inaugural function?

We invite you to kindly be our chief guest to cut the inaugural ribbon marking the birth of our company and we will be the most honoured. Thanking you in anticipation.