Who would win Ash or Gary in Pokemon?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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One opinion is Gary would beat Ash because his Blastoise could knock out like 3 Pokémon out of Ash's team in a Pokémon battle however another opinion is that Ash would win because he beat Gary in Johto League's Silver Conference tournament using his Charizard, Muk, Snorlax, Bayleef, Heracross and Tauros against Gary that was using Blastoise, Nidoking, Magmar, Arcanine, Nidoqueen and Golem and Ash defeated Gary in the Silver Conference without using Pikachu, his Starter Pokémon in the match.

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Q: Who would win Ash or Gary in Pokemon?
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Who would win Gary Or Paul in a Pokemon battle?

Paul would lose because Gary has all evolved Pokemon and he has years of Pokemon experience.

Who would win a fight Patrick Star and Ash Ketchum on team vs Pokemon trainers Red and Blue?

Ash and red are the SAME people so it would be impossible for one team to win.

Who would win yu-gi-oh or Pokemon in a battle?

Pokemon because there are more of them, they have better attacks and Ash Ketchum is the star Pokemon trainer.

Who would win-Ash Ketchum from Pokemon or Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto?

What kind of stupid question is that? That Ash kid wouldn't stand a hell of a chance in front of Naruto.

Can ash win the unova league?

I have the strong feelin that Ash will win this one because in the flow of pokemon history Ash becomes closer and closer to become a champion and in the sinnoh league, he is in the top 4 and i think in unova, in the finals Ash will battle Trip and Ash will win against him and become the winner and after that he will proceed in battling the elite 4 in different kinds of regions and enter the "Champions League" where champions in different regions battle in order to win and face the Pokemon Master and Ash will battle the Pokemon Master and then claim the title....

If Magikarp and Ash would fight to the death who would win?

Well, Ash has skill but no brain, while Magikarp has a brain, but no skill. Niether one would win because Magikarp can't win, and Ash is too stupid to win.

Will ash ever win a Pokemon league?

Ash has won a league, the Orange Island League, in season two of the anime.

Who would win in a battle against red and ash?

really re would kill ash

Who would win a fight Ash Ketchum and Patrick Star vs Misty and Palkia?

I think Ash Ketchum and Patrick star would win.

How can evil win over good how did ash loose in Sinnoh league?

he did not have good pokemon

This is my championship match Who would win a fight Patrick Star or Ash Ketchum?

well its Patrick ash has Pokemon to fight for him and Patrick is so fat he will crush him.

Who would win a fight with Ash Ketchum and Patrick on a team versus Ash's rival Gary and SpongeBob and Squidward and Mr. Krabs?

Well, obviously Spongebob because good ol' Squiddy is a weeny and spongebob knows karate