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Both would probably win a fight.

Lulz >.>

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Q: Who would win a fight Lincoln or George Washington?
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Who would win in a fight George Washington or Napolean?


What would the genre be if you were reading about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln?


Who wins in a fight between Abraham Lincoln and George Washington?

You are talking about military leaders here, not pugilists. There is no way to know which would win in a fight, and it will never be possible to arrange such a fight either, since both are long gone.

What did George Washington say he would fight for in the revolutionary war?

Search it up.

Who is the most well known American president?

it would probably be either George Washington or Abraham Lincoln

Who is the most famous American?

As someone writing from the UK, I would say George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

Who would win Washington or Lincoln?


How tall is George Washington and Abraham Lincoln?

Washington was between 6' 2" and 6' 4". Lincoln was 6' 4'' and was the tallest president, so far. Additionally, George Washington was powerfully built, and naturally athletic. Lincoln, was quite gangly, and was thought to suffer from Marfan's disease, which would cause him to have long, thin and weak limbs.

What would Abraham Lincoln and George Washington say to Barack Obama?

Follow your conscience, good luck and watch your back.

Who are the four greatest presidents of the US?

I would say George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy & Ronald Reagan.

How old would George Washington be now?

As of 2009 George Washington would be 277 years old.

Would you hire George Washington as a general if you had a war to fight?

George Washington was a highly regarded general in the late 18th century. If I had a war to fight then, I would definitely hire him. However, he might be less effective in a war today, because the advances in weapons and tactics would be unfamiliar to him. After all, he died a century before the first airplane was invented.

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