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Doctor Robotnik, Doctor Robotnik Has Different Types Of "Killing Machines" And King Dedede Is Just Lazy And Sits Around On His Chair All Day.

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Q: Who would win doctor eggman or king dedede?
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Who would win in a fight Donkey Kong or king dedede?

Donkey Kong is a gorilla with herculean strength, while King Dedede is a penguin... So Donkey Kong can just smack King Dedede with his punch.

Will King Dedede be in Brawl?

Yes, King Dedede has been confirmed for this game.

Who would win a fight between po or king dedede?

Po Because He Is A Awesome, Skillful, Kung Fu Fighting Panda While King Dedede Is A Lazy, Fat, And Utterly Stupid Duck. I Mean Like What Would A Lazy Fat Duck Do With A Kung Fu Fighting Panda. Po Is Very Skillful And Is Much Faster Than King Dedede And King Dedede Would Not Have Time To Fight Po. Po Can Rip King Dedede's Face Off In Just A Split Of A Second. King Dedede Is A Really Bad Rip Off Of Bowser And Is Not Even That Powerful. And Besides, I REALLY Hate King Dedede And I Love Po And Tai Lung Is More Powerful Than King Dedede And Po Defeated Tai Lung So There Is Abseloutely NO Point King Dedede Would Win. Barney The Purple Dinosaur Can Sing King Dedede's Face Off. Po Even Defeated The Mongolian Fist Demon. Po Defeats Every Villian He Sees And King Dedede Just Always Fails And Then Just Sits On His Throne Every Day And Nearly NEVER Gets Out Of His Throne.

Who would win Barney the purple dinosaur or king dedede?

Logically King Dedede would win, as we have seen him actually attack, where as Barney just sing to kids and tries to educate them

Who is a stronger King Bowser or King Dedede?

King Dedede because he can kill enemies below 50%.

How do you unlock king dedede on Kirby air ride?

First defeat 1000 enemies to unlock the Vs King Dedede Stadium. Defeat Dedede in less than a minute in Vs King Dedede to unlock him.

Who would win in a fight the hulk or king dedede?

The Hulk: 2000+ pounds King Dedede: Less than 20 pounds Use logic with the info above.

Who is King DeDeDe?

king dedede is a giant penguin with a hammer and is kirbys number 1 enemy

Why does meta knight work for king dedede?

Yes, but he only does it because he knows that Dedede has a monster delivery system. Also when Dedede gives him orders he does them but not exactly, like if he had to fight Kirby he would not hurt him he would pretend to.

Where can you find a king dedede plush for sale online?

hwere can you find a king dedede plush for sale

What is a DeDeDe?

King DeDeDe is a character from the Kirby games. He is a evil king. He is also in Smash bros Brawl.

How dbecome king DeDeDe become king?

with his monster