Who would win in a fight Superman or thanos?

Superman is the man, but he will be owned. He can barely defeat Darkseid one on one, and Thanos is arguably stronger, especially since he cant die. Plus, Thanos fights foes that are stronger then him for a living. That is what he does. He finds an insurmountable task, then after he completes it, he destroys everything and starts anew. Supes is strong, but Thanos has beaten The Champion and the other elders of the Universe. He has beaten The In-Betweener, an agent of Lord Chaos and Master Order. He has beaten the heralds of Galactus, The Beyonder, Gladiator, Thor, Titans and Eternals, and fought Adam Warlok and his doppelganger the Magus. He has defeated all with skill, strength, cunnign, and sheer power all without the gems that so many like to put on him like a crutch.

Superman is capable of beating Thanos, but he would have an awfully hard time to beat someone with the sheer power of Darkseid and the ruthlessness of Lex Luthor. Supes will be crushed repeatedly till he gets help, gets lucky, of Thanos then wins.