Who would win in a fight between a dog and a deer?

Deer have sharp hooves and can rear up and strike out with them. An inexperienced dog that does not know how to hunt or kill deer can easily get hurt by such actions from a deer, especially a doe that is protecting a nearby fawn.

Bucks that are in rut are even more dangerous. Their antlers are like daggers, and their attitude towards most living things, especially when cornered, can be very furious to the point of being fatal. Even a seasoned dog that has learned to kill deer for food will stay out of a rutting buck's way.

So who will win in a fight between a dog and a deer? Well it depends on the circumstances of either animal, like that described previously. In most cases, if the dog is smart and able to learn fast and has the instinct to kill, the dog will win by dodging the flying hooves and antlers and going for the throat of that deer. Usually death comes after the deer tires to the point of exhaustion when it cannot run no longer.