Who would win in a fight between a man and a dog?

The answer depends 100% on the man and on the dog. A small man can take on a small dog no problem, but with a big dog that has a vicious temperament, this is questionable. A big man against a big dog, without any sort of tools or weapons at the man's disposal, may also question the man's ability to win against such a dog. A big man in top physical condition and excellent training in animal control can take on an untrained dog no problem, so long has he has the proper tools to defend himself with, which is necessary for ALL animal control officers. A 100 lb blind man will be a trained German Shepherd, rottweiler or doberman's lunch.

Note that dog fighting or training dogs to kill humans is illegal in a lot of countries, however knowing how to defend ones-self against an attacking dog is very important for a person' survival.