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Who would win in a fight if a polar bear and a saltwater crocodile had a fight?


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First of all, this fight will never happen since either animal lives in two very different biomes and continents. However, IF they did happen to meet (which is one in a gazillion billion zillion), there would be two possibilities that may occur:

1. The crocodile may win because, on land, it is very low to the ground and its legs are positioned at the sides, which makes it very difficult for any animal, let alone a polar bear, to flip over. It also has a powerful tail that can knock the feet out from under the bear, and an ability to reach up with its jaws to the belly or rib cage and gut that bear like a fish. In water, a polar bear will not be able to see where the crocodile will be attacking from, which is a huge advantage for the croc: All it can do is to grab the leg, belly, or neck of the polar bear and drag it under water until it drowns.

2. The polar bear may win, but only on land because it is large and powerful enough to maybe flip the crocodile over and rip out its belly, simply by grabbing the nose and somehow rolling the crocodile onto its back. It can even probably break the crocodile's jaws with its large powerful paw if it tries to leap up and attack the bear. As far as being in the, not possible.