Who would win in a fight kratos or Superman?

superman easy kratos can bearlly destroy a planet and the loom of time wouldent even work on superman because he can fly so fast he can reverse time superman

-shut a black hole with his hand
-lifted 200 quintrillion tons with 1 arm
-as a boy pulled billions of planets on a chain and became millions of time stronger as and adlut
-survived 50 super novas at once
-can makes it from 1 edge of the universe to the other in seconds and reverse time form that universe thats over 10 quadtrillion times faster than light
-blew planets bacck into orbit with his breath
-sneezed and caused an mini earth quake (NOT DESTROYED A SOLYAR SYSTEM)
-his heat vision is 100 trillions of degrees F
-punched so hard he altered time and space for the entire 52 multiverse
-broke the barier of creation by flying
-his prime one million form is so powerfull he has been trained by yahweh (the supreme being of the DC omniverse) and easlly created his own universe witch he is the god of (better than just a planet rather greece)
plus all of that above magnifighed trillions among trillions of times stronger plus mxys realty warping and the strongest DC beings at the time

and for HIS wepons

green lanterns ring-has all of his powers stoped solris in 1 blow who sluagterted and army of super hero from all over the universe

moniter aourmor-servived a universe destroying exploadtion

sowrd of superman-little PIECE of primal matter from the omniverse witch made him 1 with the universe let alnoe the primal sowrd from the compleat be multiverse

cosmic aourmor-more powerfull than allmost any DC or marvel charicters broke the 4th wall and deaftested mandrrakk (who stronger than all of DCs history) while being powered by one of the weakest supermen (all 52) if prime one million were to power it its power would go up even further muliplied by his streanth plus has the power of every other version of superman and can abored the trillions among trillion of yelloe stars that have been charging for billions of years is powered by the multiverse as said above witch god of war comics are part of the DC multiverse.
did i metion its a robot that can hold over 50 universes in its hand its so big

thats why superman would win