Who would win in a war US or Russia?

The United States, then and now.

The US should win but since the military of defense eliminated half of our super large bombs to show other countries that we arent a threat "dont start a war", but we should WIN and we WILL if there ever is one...
Edit: this is Wrong,Wrong ,Wrong,Wrong we won WW| but just barely losing great amounts of soldiers. we won WW and also there we would of lost, if not of the Native Americans were here to help. we stalemated(Tie) with Korea everyone saying we won be really all we did was kill innicent Koreon's and bomb there civilians. we're basically losing in Afghanistan and we called back our men in Iraq so we pretty much lost there. also we only did half the job in WW the Russians were the ones that toke Hitler down all we did was the easy job in japan. im just saying if we fight Russia we are going to lose there going to lose aswell because we would be spending great amounts of money just trying to kill them and there military system is just aswell same as ours. and the U.S. is already millions of dollors in dept. plus they're population is bigger then us. there country is the biggest in the world. so we'll both be crippled from the war. Edit: The U.S is actually in $17 Trillion debt. And just because Russia is geologically larger, it doesn't give them such an advantage that they will win just on that basis. And the Russian population is 145 Million and the U.S's population is 300 Million.