Who would win lion or polar bear?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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The lion would be killed. A polar bear would be enormous and powerful. One swipe of paw can shatter the lion's skull.

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Q: Who would win lion or polar bear?
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Who would win a fight lion or polar bear?

polar bear

Who would win in a fight betwee a polar bear and a lion?

a lion mostly

Who would win in a fight a polar bear or lion?

a polerbear would win because it is stronger and has stronger and sharper teeth and the lion will be helpless

Would a polar bear win a fight against a lion?

Yes, because a polar bear is bigger than the lion. But the lion can also kill a polar bear because a lion has a much stronger jaw than a polar bear.

Who would win Polar Bear or African Lion?

Yes, because Lions are better.

Can a barbary lion kill a polar bear?

The polar bear has a weight advantage over the biggest lion. The biggest lion is as long as a polar bear and as tall as a ladder. Even if the polar bear and the biggest lion met and fought, the lion may win, but would get seriously injured.

Who would win a fight a lion or a brown bear?

A lion would beat a brown bear, grizzly bear, and black bear. But for a polar bear, it would be a draw. Brown bear. Brown bears were put to fights with lions before, and the brown bear simply killed the lion.

Who would win in a fight- a polar bear or a narwhal?

Polar bear.

Who would win a polar bear or a piranha?

the bear they are a lot strongerThat depends on what type of bear it is. A black bear would lose, but grizzly's stand more of a chance. However, it is possible for a lion to beat a grizzly. When lions fight, their target is the throat and legs. Breaking the air pipe would suffocate the bear, and damaging It's legs would leave it on the ground, where the lion would kill it. But if the lion attempted that, the bear may kill the lion first.A kodiak bear, grizzly bear, or polar bear could kill a lion, but a lion could kill a black bear.Another AnswerA lion can kill any type of bear because a lion has powerful biting force and great fighting skills.

Who would win a grizzly bear Siberian tiger polar bear African lion silverback gorilla or 3 elephants?

elephants. depending on how strong they are.

Who would win a lion or a grizzley bear?


Who would win a fight an atlas bear or a lion?

The atlas bear would win.