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Who wrote and directed the 1994 film Clerks?


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Kevin Smith.


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John Hughes wrote and directed the film.

Albert Brooks wrote, starred and directed the film.

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The film "Getaway" is a crime thriller directed by Rodger Donaldson in 1994. The film received many negative reviews from critics and is based on the novel by Jim Thompson with the same name.

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There have been many films that have not been directed by James Cameron as he is also an accomplished screen writer. The last film that he wrote a screenplay for but did not direct was the 1995 film "Strange Days" which was directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Since 1995, every film written by Cameron has also had a directing credit.

Dan O'Bannon is a member of the cast from the movie Dark Star. John Carpenter directed, wrote and produced the film in 1974. Dan O'Bannon also edited and co-wrote the film.

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