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George Lopez (believe it or not)

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Who wrote the song you want for one direction?

Tom Fletcher from the band McFly wrote "I Want". Actually, he wrote the song before and then he changed it and gave it to One Direction. You should do some research before saying that One Direction wrote it. Actually, they only wrote 3 of the songs in Up All Night ("Taken","Everything About You" and "Same Mistakes") and they had help.

Did one direction write the song same mistakes?

Yes, they did and they also wrote more then this, stole my heart and taken

Who wrote the bonus track moments for one direction?

Ed Sheeran co-wrote it with one direction

Who wrote one direction song moments?

Ed Sheeran wrote the One Direction song Moments.

Which song has Niall written for the band one direction?

Everything about you he cowrote with someone and he wrote Taken by himself. My husband<3

Who wrote the song moments in one direction?

Ed Sheeran Wrote The Song Moments not a member of One Direction :)

What is the name of the book that one direction wrote?

One Direction:Dare to Dream:Life As One Direction

Who wrote another world by one direction?

Sure as hell wasn't one direction.

Why wrote One Direction moments?

They never wrote it, Ed Sheeran did.

Who wrote for one direction the song moments?

Ed Sheeran wrote Moments for them.

Who wrote i want by One Direction?

Tom Fletcher Wrote The Song I Want:)

Who from the group one direction wrote a song with Taylor Swift?

as far as I know. none of them. she did wrote "Everything has changed" with Ed sheeran, who wrote "moments" and "little things" and gave them to one direction

Who wrote what makes you beautiful from one direction?

all i know is that zayn malik wrote his part

How many songs have one direction wrote?

One direction wrote only 1 song and its call that what makes you beautiful They've actually written more than 15 songs. :]

How many songs have one direction made ever since they have been together?

They have made 15 songs they wrote 3 themselves: more than this, taken, and stole my heart

What are all the songs that one direction have wrote?

All the songs one direction have wrote are -what makes you beautiful -gotta be you -one thing -I want -up all night -more than this -up all night -I wish -tell me a lie -taken -everything about you -same mistakes -save you tonight -stole my Heart -stand up -moments -forever you Hope I got all them!

Which songs on up all night did Niall Horan write?

Niall didn't write any of the songs, but One Direction wrote some songs and celebrities wrote some too He actually wrote a few songs on the album. three of which are Everything About You, Taken, and Same Mistakes

How many songs have One Direction made?

19 songs. And they are:-One Direction - Back For YouOne Direction - Gotta Be YouOne Direction - I WantOne Direction - I WishOne Direction - I WouldOne Direction - Kiss YouOne Direction - Last First KissOne Direction - Little ThingsOne Direction - Live While We're YoungOne Direction - MomentsOne Direction - More Than ThisOne Direction - One ThingOne Direction - Over AgainOne Direction - Rock MeOne Direction - Summer LoveOne Direction - TakenOne Direction - Tell Me A LieOne Direction - Up All NightOne Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

Who wrote 4 songs on the one direction album up all night?

He wrote what makes you beautiful,one thing, I wish, and everything about you:)

What is the first song that one direction wrote?

I dont know but Everything About You was one of the first ones :)

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