Who wrote the Book of Numbers in the Bible?

Moses wrote the book of Numbers mainly. He did not write the whole book however there were a few other authors.


  1. The Book of Numbers is traditionally attributed to Moses, although it both repeats and contradicts other books also attributed to him.
  2. The Book of Numbers obviously was written by more than one author, all of whom lived long after the time attributed to Moses. Scholars have identified a number of anonymous sources that contributed to the Book of Numbers. Because of their anonymity, they have been given the names, Yahwist ('J Source'), Elohist ('E Source'), Priestly Source ('P Source') and the Redactor ('R Source'). The Yahwist and the Elohist wrote quite early in the first millennium BCE, from Judah and Israel respectively, while the Priestly Source wrote shortly after the Babylonian Exile. The Redactor finalised the book, clarifying passages and adding unimportant material, to create the Book of Numbers more or less as we know it today.