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The book "Split personalities" was written by the author Janet Rowley. It explores the nature of multiple personality disorder and follows the story of a woman named Claudia who struggles with this condition.

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Q: Who wrote the book Split personalities?
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Why did Herman Hesse write Siddhartha?

Because during his life time he has many split difference personalities and he wrote this book interested on the buddist ways. When he traveled to India he recently met some buddist.

Can a split personality have a split personality?

A person can have multiple personalities. It is the person who has the disorder and not the personalities who have the disorder.

Does people with Asperger's syndrome have a split personality?

No people with asperger's syndrome do not have split personalities

What are facts about split personalities?

Memories are generally split between the personalities. There may be only 2, some cases show more than 5. It varies. Some claim that one personality has skills not had by any other personalities.

What are the release dates for Casper - 1996 Aunt Misbehavin' Split Personalities 2-4?

Casper - 1996 Aunt Misbehavin' Split Personalities 2-4 was released on: USA: 28 September 1996

What is jeremy's and josias personalities-mississippi bridge book?

What are jermy"s and josias personalities in the mississippi bridge

Who wrote Imperialism The Highest Stage of Capitalism?

That book was written by Vladimir Lenin, who split Russia into several states, forming the Soviet Union.

What are split personalities?

The correct term is Dissociative Disorder. See the link below for more information.

Does a person with split personalities aware that he got multiple personalities?

Yes, I've seen this before. In the Discovery Health Channel, a woman has 15 or 16 different personalities. She's herself at first, then shes a whole different person, later on she's a teacher. But she is aware she has multiple personalities.

Do schizophrenics have split personalities?

it depends on the person and if they want to change and it also depends on how bad the case is and how long have they been tapping in to these split personalities and if its a boy or agirl.need more info

What is that movie with multiple personalities?

The movie you may be thinking of is "Split" (2016) directed by M. Night Shyamalan, which follows a man with dissociative identity disorder who has multiple personalities.

What is split personality?

A split personality is when a person can be two different personalities at one time. On occasion they can appear nice, helpful, a good friend or even a good lover and without warning they could become selfish, arrogant and cruel. They flip back and forth between the two personalities.