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Whos nickname is Franklin D. Roosevelt?


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Whos nickname is FDR??


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Franklin D. Roosevelt had the name or nickname FDR.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The 32 president of the United States. Rest in Peace FDR.

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No. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a Democrat.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was related Theodor Roosevelt.

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt had polio.

Hitler inspired Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt's most common nickname was FDR, which are simply the initials of his full name, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His other nicknames included The Sphinx, King Franklin, The Boss, The Squire of Hyde Park, and Houdini In the White House. His nickname, King Franklin, came about because many felt he made excessive use of presidential powers by creating the New Deal.

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Theodore Roosevelt was a 5th cousin of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Yes Franklin. D .Roosevelt is related to teddy Roosevelt they are cousins by marriage

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Franklin D. Roosevelt went to Harvard in 1900

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