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"Macbeth" and "A Christmas Carol" are two different storys.

Macbeth is a play by William Shakespeare and Christmas Carol is a book by Charles Dickins.

In Macbeth The ghost that apears to Macbet is called Banquo, the Man whom Macbeth Killed so that his Children would not mess up the chances of him being King.

In a Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by 3 spirits. Ghoast of Christmas past, present and future.

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Q: Whose ghost appears to Macbeth at a banquet in A Christmas Carol?
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Is the word Christ in the original text of A Christmas Carol?

No, it only appears as part of Christmas.

How was Walter described as in a Christmas carol?

I can't find a character named Walter in A Christmas Carol. However, a Walter appears in Dombey and Son.

Who appears at the very end of the stave in a Christmas carol?

At the end of Stave 3 the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Coem appears nearly immediately

When did the A Christmas Carol first appear?

First appears on 17th December 1843

What date did Christmas Past come on in 'A Christmas Carol'?

He appears to Scrooge on Christmas Eve, but the time period of Christmas Yet to Come is unspecified.

What is the phantom's name that appears at the end of Stave 3 of a Christmas carol?

The spirit through that stave is the Ghost of Christmas Present

What Christmas carol has abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz?

a Christmas carol

What is A Christmas Carol in Ireland?

Its the same "A Christmas Carol"

Which ghost first appears before Ebenezer Scrooge in the movie The Muppet Christmas Carol?

The first ghost that appears was that of his old business partner Jacob Marley

Why was Christmas carol set at Christmas?

maybe because a chirstmas carol has to do with christmas .

Was A Christmas Carol fiction or nonfiction?

A Christmas Carol is fiction.

What book does the character Scrooge appear in?

Scrooge is the main character in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.