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The minor axis of a rectangular column or beam is the line that goes through the center. The minor axis will be shorter than the major axis.

Major and Minor chords are determined by the third of the chord making them sound different. Major chords have a more happy, open sound and minor chords have a "sad" sound. For example: In the key of C, A C Major triad would be the notes C, E, G and C minor triad would be C, E flat, G. (the third in the minor triad goes down a half-step from the third in the major triad) E---> E flat.

Major:the penis goes in the vigina twice and I you will have kids minor: put in three times u will have a retard child

The tones within a scale are divided by either tones or semitones. In a major scale, the order always goes: tone, tone, semitone, tone, tone, tone, semitone. For a minor scale, in natural form, the order always goes: tone, semitone, tone, tone, semitone, tone, tone.

The major axis is the axis that cuts, or goes between the two vertices of the hyperbola. The minor axis is perpendicular to the major axis and is an axis of symmetry. If the hyperbola is defined by: x^2/a^2 - y^2/b^2=1 where x^2 is x squared. Then the major axis is 2a units long, and the minor axis is 2b units long.

C major has no flats or sharps in the key signature, and A minor has none in the key signature but the 7th note is raised to make it a minor key. so the C major scale goes C D E F G A B C while the A minor scale goes A B C D E F G sharp A

B minor comes next (after E minor) on the sharps side of the circle of fifths?

from middle "c", index finger of right hand: move finger to b flat, middle finger goes on D for b flat major, C sharp for minor, and pinky on F. That is a B flat chord, major or minor.

Major changes. Certainly the computer, probably the engine wiring, engine mounts, transmission, cooling system, the list goes on.

Minor fiber digestion by bacteria goes on in the large intestine, and water is absorbed, but no major lipid/protein/carbohydrate digestion occurs. All of that goes on higher up in the system.

B minor, A major, F# major, G major. Repeats, until "Not gonna let you fall." Then it's E major, and G maor again. For the chorus, it goes D major, F# major, G major, then A major. It does the same thing until the end of the song.

Major league teams pay all salaries of ballplayers they sign to contracts ... those players at the major league level and those at the minor league level.

The parent who pay child support to your legal guardian have to go to court and modify the child support order so the money goes to you. This is usually only done when the minor goes to college etc but if the minor still lives at home the money goes to the parent/legal guardian to pay for electricity, rent, food, etc.

Polaris (the north star), Cassiopeia, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Gemini, Orion, Taurus, Orion's Dogs, the list goes on and on..........

Not sure exactly what you're asking, but G minor is the same as B-flat major; two flats. The notes of a G minor scale are G-A-Bflat-C-D-Eflat-F-G

No, in the great scheme of things it is fairly minor. A local anesthetic is usually used and the person (often an older person) goes home the same day.

Either Commisioner Gordon turns on the Batsignal, or the Bat alarm goes off, alerting Batman to major crimes in the area. He also goes on patrol every night to stop minor crimes, like mugging and harassment.

As far as 'importance' goes; there is no such thing as major or minor prophet. They are equally important since they are appointed by God.The expression 'minor and major prophet' simply refers to the size of their writings. The books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel are much larger writings, when compared with Joel, Jonah, Haggai, Malachi, etc. --But-- they were all equally impartant messages for the peoples at the various times those prophets existed, since they span many years.

Pulse changes when your level of exercise changes. When you exercise your pulse goes up because your heart rate goes up.

It depends on the custody agreement that is in place. If a minor changes residence without the permission of the parent who has primary custody, then that goes against the court order. If she wants to change residences, a request to the court will usually accomplish this.

Communications, Foreign languages, Journalism, English, Creative writing, Literature, Theater, History, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, to name a few.

Major I, for the majors it goes; major, major I, major II, Major III, then it does to lt. Colonel and so on

Extension is when the price goes up and no other factor changes. Contraction is when the price goes down and no other factor changes.

Your skeleton goes through changes such as growth development, and much more. It also really goes through miosis.

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