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Try reseting the computer. My 92 Deville did that on day and it turned out to be a faulty air compressor drawing to many amps..

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โˆ™ 2008-01-22 22:06:55
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Q: Why 1993 Cadillac Deville transmission slips going into 3rd?
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Where is the automatic transmission drain plug for a 2003 Cadillac CTS Fluid is leaking out and the transmission slips now and it wasn't before the leak?

There is no automatic transmission drain plug. To drain the fluid you have to drop the pan. Be sure to replace the filter at the same time, it is located under the pan.

How do you know if a transmission is going out on a stickshift ford escort?

If your stickshift makes a whining sound in gears, grinds when you are trying to put it into gear or if it slips out of gear you know it is going out.

What if your transmission slips in your 2002 Chevy cavilier?

get it service.

Transmission slips while turning?

You could be low on transmission fluid. The same thing happened to me.

What is wrong when my 2003 dodge 2500 diesel transmission slips or revs like when going into forth gear?

your 3rd to 4th shift sensor in your trans needs to be replaced.

How do you know if a transmission is going out?

It slips in gear, takes along while to shift up, revs more than usual on hills, won't back up on steep hill.

1996 Ford E 250 transmission slips out of 3rd overdrive?

Transmission Flush help my Ford! Same issue here.

Tengo un mirage 94 cuando calienta la transmission patina?

"I have a Mirage 94. When it gets hot, the transmission slips."

Chevy lumina automatic transmission band adjustment?

i have a 97 lumina the tranny slips form 2 to 3rd or when you try to go faster is there bands that can just be adjusted???????? or if the tranny going out

What is wrong when sometimes traveling over 20 mph your tempo shifts into neutral and transmission slips?

You probably have a slipping clutch band in your transmission. Take it to a transmission shop.

When cold transmission slips when shifting in second gear?

When the cold transmission slips when shifting in the second gear, it means that either the fluid level is not correct or the filters are faulty. When this happens, your gearbox may need extensive repair or may need replacement.

Why on your grand am when you accelerate to turn a corner the gear slips?

Low transmission fluid and/or fluid leak.

Why would transmission run fine then gears slip after a while?

As it heats up, it slips more.

My Transmission slips when passing other cars with my Pontiac Transport Van?

start by checking the transmission fluid level when the vehicle is at normal operating temp

CAn you change transmission fulid in a Toyota Tacoma pick up 125000 transmission slips 1st gear when cold?

Yes, have the fluid and filter changed.

Why Auto transmission slips when hot?

If your transmission is slipping when it is hot that could be a sign that you do not have adequate pressure in the transmission line. It could be because of wear, it's in need of service, or that it's low on fluid.

Oldsmobile silhouette transmission slips?

engine light is on 1997 olds sillouette tranny slpis code

1993 grand marquis transmission slips?

try lucas transmission treatment. check the throttle valve cable to see if it has come off. change fluid and filter.

What are common transmission problems with 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

slips or makes noise and wont go n reverse

1999 gmc suburban automatic transmission is racing up but wont shift and when it does is slips?

Sounds like the magnets!

Could a fluid and filter change remedy a Transmission that slips in all gears with higher rpms 1999 Ford Taurus 3.0 transmission?

That is the cheapest repair solution to try.

1988 Honda accord problems my automatic transmission won't move in reverse moves but slips in drive 1988 accord lxi with 88000 miles?

add transmission fluid

How do you know when your transmission is going bad?

It slips when you accelerate, the engine over revs going up steep hills, won't back up steep inclines, takes a long time to change up. -Any of those things mean you need to give it some attention now.

Your 1991siloutte vans transmission slips when normal temp is reached and wont drive till it cools?

thats correct so the van will only drive maybe 10 min at a time before the tranny slips again

Why does your 94 silverado with a 96 silverado transmission slip out of overdrive when you are on the highway?

If your 94 Silverado with a 96 Silverado transmission slips out of overdrive when you are on the highway, the gears may have seized up. You should also check the transmission fluid level.