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Q: Why 20 degree centigrade is written on measuring cylinder?
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Why 20 degree centrigrate is written on measuring cylinder?

liquid has deferent density at deferent temperature and so deferent volume 20 degree Centigrade is written on measuring mean that this cylinder will give accurate volume at 20 degree centigrade

Does 0.1 degree Centigrade equal 0.1 degree Celsius?

yes. the centigrade and Celsius are equal. 1 degree Centigrade = 1 degree Celsius

What is an Ideal freezer temperature?

0 degree centigrade to 4 degree centigrade.

How many Fahrenheit is a centigrade?

A Fahrenheit degree is 5/9 the size of a centigrade degree.

Is there any difference between centigrade degree and degree centigrade?

There is no real difference. In scientific usage, "degree centigrade" is more common than "centigrade degree" since the typical abbreviation is, for example, 40oC instead of 40 Co.

Is a degree centigrade greater than a degree Fahrenheit?

Yes. 1 degree of Fahrenheit is 5/9 of a degree Celsius (centigrade)

Which instrument can be used to measure the temperature to 0.1 degree centigrade between 0 degree centigrade and 100 degree centigrade?

The instrument you would use to measure temperature is a thermometer!!!!!

What is Degree Centigrade?

degrees celsius

What is 1 degree kelvin in centigrade?

1 kelvin = -272.15 degrees centigrade.

What is the flashpoint of plastic?

Falsh point of Plastic is 180 degree centigrade Falsh point of Plastic is 180 degree centigrade

Is 40 degree centigrade is equal to 102 degree Fahrenheit?


100 g of water at 20 degree centigrade is mixed with 100 g of water at 5 degree centegrade the temperature of mixture will be?

15 degree centigrade

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Why 20 degree centrigrate is written on measuring cylinder?

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