Why 2 holes in converse shoes?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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The two holes near the sole are for ventilation.

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Q: Why 2 holes in converse shoes?
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What are the holes on the side of converse shoes for?

Probably to look cool, but kinda for air too

Vans shoes vs converse shoes who is better?


When were Converse shoes first produced?

Converse shoes were first produced in Massachusetts in 1908 by Marquis M. Converse

What a famous shoes Converse or puma?


Are converse all-stars waterproof?

no, the converse all stars are made of cloth kind of like a tarp like material. they also have holes for ventilation above the soles on the race stripe. Converse are more meant to be fashion shoes rather than waterproof, but they are great shoes =] I <3 them I hope that this helped you =]

How many Converse shoes are there?

There are millions of converse shoes now that you can personalize shoes there are various size, colors, and patterns.

What is Converse Emo?

Emo converse... Like the shoes!

Are Converse the coolest shoes ever?

yes converse are the coolest shoes evere skyestarxxx wrote this

I need a creative title for a photo i drew in art it is of a pair of converse shoes any creative ideas?

you could do "My Converse Shoes" if you have them if you don't then you can say "Converse" or "Converse Shoes"

What is the slogan of converse all the star?

" Don't get the shoes that slip and slide get shoes with the star on the side converse"

What is the use of a Converse green shoe?

There is no brand such as a Converse green shoe, but Converse shoes do come in the color green. Green colored Converse shoes can be worn as a casual shoe.

Where is it possible to read reviews about Converse Basketball Shoes?

It is possible to read reviews about Converse Basketball Shoes by visiting eBay which provides you with customer written reviews about the Converse Basketball Shoes.