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Q: Why A theory which repeatedly fails to confirm the expected predictions after extensive research?
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Well designed research manages to minimize or avoid assumptions or predictions?

well designed research manages to minimize or avoid assumptions or predictions ?

How was Nanotechnology discovered?

by extensive research

Was nanotechnology discovered?

by extensive research

Which subject is not suitable for a research paper?

one that merits extensive research

Can you use extensive property in a sentence?

His profession required an extensive time out in the field doing research .

What research has been done on hypnotherapy?

Research on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy on a variety of medical conditions is extensive.

A sentence using the word extensive?

I have several sentences for you.Extensive work was needed to repair the highway.I did extensive research for this report.She spent an extensive vacation at the resort.

How does experimental research differ importantly from correlational research methods?

how does experimental research differ importantly from correlational research methods Correlational Research are predictions and are mostly based on statistics. Whereas Experimental Research is based on experiment and explaination.

What is an example of Extensive Writing?

An example of extensive writing would be writing a research paper or a thesis that requires in-depth analysis, research, and detailed exploration of a topic. This type of writing typically involves longer texts and extensive use of sources and evidence.

What is the difference between intensive research and extensive research?

extensive research is empirical and concrete. Large samples are taken to capture variabilities. Intesive research, on the other hand, is abstract and theoretical. Small samples are taken to uncover underlying casual mechanisms. Intensive research is much more in depth and often leads to case studies research

Give a sentence with the word extensive in it?

We have done extensive research at the University of Michigan, and have ample evidence to prove that smoking causes cancer.

Which research method involves collecting data repeatedly on the same person as he or she ages?