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Why Adam rodriguez leave csi Miami?

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he is not leaving csi miami he had to do a episode on ugly betty

Eric Delko was played by Adam Rodriguez.

Adam Rodriguez and CBS had a disagreement over money.

Either Adam Rodriguez or Johnathan Togo, but I say Adam is sexy and Johnathan is Sweet.

he guest stared in season 8 but will in season as a regular character

He joined in season 1 and left in season 8

No, but he has a girlfriend named Ciarra Pardo. SO HE NEEDS TO START DATEING CALLEIGH ON CSI MIAMI

Adam Rodriguez has only committed to doing seven episodes this season, after which he'll join the cast of Ugly Betty to play a love interest for Ana Ortiz.

no johnathan togo did not leave the cast of csi Miami

Adam Rodriguez is an actor. He has starred in both television show and movies. His most recent television work was for CSI: Miami. He was also in a few movies, such as Magic Mike, and I Can Do Bad All By Myself.

Adam Michael Rodríguez is Eric Delko on CSI: Miami.

Eric has been there since the beginning but left for awhile. He's back now and Adam Rodriguez (Eric) directed an episode.

It doesn't not look like Calleigh and Eric will be marrying. Eric, played by Adam Rodriguez will be leaving the show after a few appearances in season 8.

because i think it was that time that she was pregnant with that baby of hers oh yeah what kind of name is pipa she should have stayed with adam rodriguez like are u serious

Horatio Caine: David Caruso Eric Delko: Adam Rodriguez Calleigh Duqesne: Emily Procter Tim Speedle: Rory Cochrane Maxine Valera: Boti Bliss

Yes he does all his girlfriends to date have been black and his current girlfriend is black latina or black American not sure which one. he loves black girls by the looks of things.

No she is not, because when she was pregnant she did not leave, she stayed until the end.

is csi miami coming back

Csi Miami is filmed on a set in LA somewhere not in Miami Florida

this is what says: C.S.I.: Miami - The Eighth Season Starring David Caruso, Adam Rodriguez, and Jonathan Togo (DVD - 2010) Buy new: $62.99 $56.49 Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on October 12, 2010.

In North America CSI Miami is typically on CBS.

When do CSI Miami come back on this year

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