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It's the Unites States because it is composed of fifty individual states

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Q: Why America is called US.?
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What was the US called in 1787?

In 1878 the US was called the United States of America.

Was the US of America ever called the US of north America?

No the United States of America was never known as the United States of North America.

Why is the US called the US?

It's the abbreviation of The United States of America.

What was the South called when the US split?

It was called the Confederacy or the Confederate States of America.

Which is not a continent US of America South America Asia or Europe?

The USA is a country - its continent is called North America

What was America called before it was called the US?

The New World, or British America, or the British Colonies. Really, The US of A did not exist as one country before it became independent of Britain.

What is the french and Indian war called in the us?

North America

Did christopher Columbus ever land in what is called the US of America?


What is the formal name of the US?

The formal name of the US is the United States. It is also called the United States of America or just America.

What do you call people from US?

US = U.S.A. = United States of America They are called Americans

What do you call people from the US?

US = U.S.A. = United States of America They are called Americans

Why does America have to be called the US?

In probably when the DI (Declaration of Independence) was signed it was the United States of America, so US is short for United States of America or it can be called USA. Another answer: Because US is short for USA, which stands for United States of America. Besides, there are many other countries in America. America was originally the name for the entire Western Hemisphere

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