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Crusoe would most likely agree with statements emphasizing self-reliance, resourcefulness, and resilience. He learned to survive and thrive on the deserted island by using his ingenuity and adapting to his circumstances. Crusoe's experiences highlight the importance of perseverance and determination in overcoming challenges.

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Q: Why Based on what you read in chapters 1 and acirc and 128 and 147 9 of Robinson Crusoe statements would Crusoe most likely agree with?
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Who or what is most likely an antagonist in Robinson Crusoe?

The earthquake Crusoe's mental debate about sin -- APEX

What was the time that the character Robinson Crusoe was developed?

The novel Robinson Crusoe was published for the first time in April 25 1719. It is unknown when exactly the character was formed, but it is very likely it was sometime shortly before that date.

Based on what you read in chapters 1 through 9 of Robinson Crusoe which of the following statements would Crusoe most likely agree with?

Regardless of your life plans, you must pursue the course that gives you the most fulfillment.

Which would most likely be considered a negative attribute in the 17th century based on Robinson Crusoe?

Not listening to parental advice

Which would most likely best considered a negative attribute in the 17th century based on Robinson crusoe?

In the 17th century, being disobedient to authority figures, such as a father or king, would likely be considered a negative attribute based on the values portrayed in "Robinson Crusoe." This reflects the societal emphasis on hierarchy, duty, and obedience during that time.

Who or what is most likely antagonist in Robinson crusoe?

The correct answer is C. The sea and its tides...

Who or what is most likely an antagonist in robin crusoes?

In "Robinson Crusoe," the antagonist can be seen as nature itself, with Crusoe struggling to survive in the hostile environment of the deserted island. Other antagonists include the cannibals he encounters and the mutinous sailors from his own ship.

What kind of life would Robinson Crusoe have if he obeyed his father and remained home?

If Robinson Crusoe obeyed his father and stayed home, he would have likely led a more conventional life. He would have followed his father's wishes, settled down, and lived a life of relative comfort and security without the adventures or challenges he faced on the deserted island.

What are the autobiographical elements in Robinson Crusoe?

"Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe is believed to have been inspired by the real-life experiences of Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor who was stranded on a deserted island for four years. The novel reflects themes of survival, loneliness, and self-reliance, which may have been influenced by Selkirk's own ordeal. Additionally, Defoe himself had a background as a journalist, which likely informed the realistic and detailed narrative style of the novel.

What event from the story does this passage most likely foreshadow?

Crusoe's questioning of god's punishment and his anger over it

Is chapters open on Labor Day?

Chapters, like most retailers, is likely open on Labour Day. Call your local store to be sure.

Which statement is most likely true?

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