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C language support bit-level manipulation that are normally done in assembly or machine level language. C reduce the gap between high level and low level

language. So, it's called as middle level language.

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Q: Why C language is called mid level language justify with an example?
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Why c language is called mid level language justify with an exampal?

because it dont not support oops concept

Is c is middle level language justify your answer?

No, there is no such thing as 'middle level language'. C is high level language, and it is no way similar to Assembly language.

What is language is called middle level language?

Why is C called a Middle Level Language?

Why C language called middle level language?

because it has instrictions and functions with keywords which resemble its meaning in english.the keywords are very similar to the task they are used for.for example printf to give output.but it is not as simple as basic which is a high level language.

What is an example of a low-level language?

Machine code.

What is a program written in high level language called?

the program written in high level language is called "source program"

What are the characteristics of high level languages?

What is high level programming language?The programming language that are close to human language are called high level programing languages. The characteristics of high level languages:Easy to learnEasy to find errorsMachine-IndependentAvailability of Library FunctionsShorter ProgramsWell-Defined Syntax and StandardSource code understandable by any other programe(Work by "Mamoon Aslam".

What is the example of low level language?

Machine Code, Assembly

What is meant by low level language?

A low level language is one where there are only a few (or even only one) instruction(s) per line of code. Assembler is an example of a low level language.

What is the difference between high level language and low level language?

A programming language that is machine-independent is called a "high-level" language - this includes Java, C++, Python, etc. A programming language that is machine-dependent is called a "low-level" language. For PCs, this usually includes assembly, binary code or some proprietary languages on embedded devices.

Why assembly language is called low level language?

Because it cannot be understood by users. High level language like C can be understood by the user by looking at its source code. But assembly level language does not have any source code, its a language converted from high level language to low level language (assembly level language or machine level language) so that the language which the user could read/understand can also be read/understand by the machine.

What are the example of low-level programming language?

It are machine code and Assembly.