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Q: Why Garnier Hydrablock and Hydralock body are discontinued?
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Who is the girl in the garnier frutis body boost commercial?

Whats The Name Of The Song In The garnier body boost commercial?

Who is the girl in the garnier body intensive 7 days body lotion ad?

yfke sturm

What happened to Calgon Tahitian Orchid Body Mist?

i heard they discontinued calgon i heard they discontinued calgon

Why was Teflon paste discontinued?

It was discontinued after reported problems with excessive scarring and with the migration of Teflon particles to other tissues in the body

Neutrogena men's hair and body wash Was this discontinued?

no it is still in the market

Is Bath and bodywork's breathe calm discontinued?

Breathe Calm from Bath and Body Works has been discontinued. This was considered a limited edition fragrance and is no longer carried in stores.

Where are the best prices for discontinued Bath and Body Works Items?

at rosspark mall in pa

Is there a bath and body discontinued items dept?

toasted hazelnut purely silk body spray by bath & body works is my all time favorite fragrance...i am very very saddened and upset over the fact that you discontinued such a wonderful ex husband was crazy about toasted hazelnut...we actually started to rekindle the old flames on account of that look what happened! you discontinued the fragrance - and we discontinued the relationship..! all because you discontinued my toasted hazelnut purely silk body just ain't been the same...!please reply with some good news....i would like to know if there is a discontinued item warehouse - where there might be some leftover toasted hazelnut body spry...i know i won't get a reply from you but i just had to let you know how badly i feel over the discontinuance if my favorite fragrange.....thanks for reading my

What ingredients were used in lentherics mystique body spray that is now discontinued and what is the closest smell to this?

nothing at all

Why cant i find any dior la dolce vita body lotion on line?

It has been discontinued

Why has lucozade body fuel been discontinued?

Lucozade Body Fuel has been discounted since they had advertised they could do things that were not true. The product did not work as they had promised people.

Where can you purchase EZ body slimmer pills?

I am guessing from all information I can locate that EZ Body Slimmer has been discontinued. However, if that is not the case you may be able to purchase them online.