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Why did Rudolf Ludwig Mossbauer win The Nobel Prize in Physics in 1961?

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1961 was divided equally between Robert Hofstadter for his pioneering studies of electron scattering in atomic nuclei and for his thereby achieved discoveries concerning the structure of the nucleons and Rudolf Ludwig Mossbauer for his researches concerning the resonance absorption of gamma radiation and his discovery in this connection of the effect which bears his name.

Does gamma have high or low energy?

Gamma have very high energy.

How does the gamma ray effect the body?

gamma rays effect us and make us abnormal

Why does gamma radiation damage body cells but radio waves do not?

The energy of a electromagnetic wave increases as the wavelength decreases. Radio waves have a very long wavelength compared to gamma rays. Since gamma rays have so much energy, they can change molecules by "kicking out" electrons with their energy. Where as radio waves don't have enough energy to effect many compounds.

What is the energy of a gamma ray?

A gamma ray will have energy in excess of 100 keV (kiloelectronvolts).

Which is the highest energy wave of the electromagnetic spectrum?

Gamma Radiation or Gamma Rays has the highest energy wave of the electromagnetic spectrum. Gamma Rays photon has high energy.

Does Gamma ray primarily consist of pure energy and no mass?

Gamma rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation, which is a type energy. Because a gamma ray is a type of energy, it has no mass.

What particle does gamma decay give off?

Gamma decay occurs when an atomic nucleus changes from a higher energy state to a lower one. When it does the "extra" energy leaves in the form of a gamma ray. That's gamma decay. The gamma ray is electromagnetic energy. That means that there is not a particle of anything involved in this event. Gamma decay is the emergence of that gamma ray from the nucleus of an atom that is going down in its energy state

What are Gamma rays a part of?

Gamma rays are high-energy photons.

How many protons does gamma particles have?

None. A gamma ray is energy.

What has more energy a gamma wave or a radio wave?

A gamma wave has more energy than a radio wave.

What has more energy ultraviolet rays or gamma rays?

On the elecromagnetic spectrum, gamma rays have much more energy

What kind of energy is total energy?

Gamma ray.

What is the effect on radioactive element when gamma rays are emmited from it?

In the case of pure gamma decay, the element will not decay into another element or another isotope, like with alpha- or beta radiation, but it will lose energy in the form of a (gamma) photon. The atomic number and mass number will not change.

Which has higher energy infrared light or gamma rays?

The energy of gamma radiation is much higher than the energy of infrared radiation. You are emitting infrared radiation, but gamma radiation is very harmful to living tissue.

How does magnetism effect gamma radiation?

It has the same effect as on visible light . . . no effect at all.

How far will gamma rays travel?

Gamma Rays will travel as long as they have energy

The emmission of electromagnetic energy from an atomic nucleus is called decay?

Gamma radiation is electromagnetic energy, and is produced by gamma decay.

The rest energy of a pion is 140 MeV what is the kinetic energy when it moves at 0.80c?

total energy E=gamma*m*c^2 where gamma = 1/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2) K=E - mc^2 = (gamma-1)*(Rest Energy) You know v, and can thus compute gamma, and you know the rest energy.

Which radiation has the greatest energy?


Which of these has the highest energy?

gamma radiation

What has the highest energy?

gamma rays

X-Rays have more energy than gamma rays?

Each gamma-ray photon carries more energy than an X-ray photon. So gamma rays are more penetrating than X-rays, and have a greater photoelectric effect. But you can still pack more energy into an X-ray beam, simply by generating more photons, i.e. operate a 'brighter' source.

Gamma radiation is of lower energy than visible radiation?

No. Gamma radiation is of higher energy than visible (light) radiation.

Do gamma rays possess the highest energy?

Yes. Out of all electromagnetic waves, gamma rays have the highest energy per photon.