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Q: Why Teflon behaves like a thermostat polymer?
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What are natural and synthetic polymers?

A natural polymer would be rubber which is obtained from nature. A synthetic polymer would be polybutadiene which behaves like rubber.

Why is teflon polymer good?

because it is black like niall roberts at retford oaks high school

What does Teflon polymer look like?

Use the link below to the Wikipedia post on PTFE. You'll find a good depiction there. That chain looks pretty much the same as when you compare it to PFA and FEP, the two other primary "flavors" of Dupont's Teflon.

How do you store fluorine?

Fluorine is stored in Teflon (polytetrafluoroetheneor -ethylene) containers. This is due to two reasons:1. Nearly all containers will corrode with fluorine in it; even glass containers will corrode. But since the Teflon polymer already contains fluorine, the fluorine that is stored in it can't react with the container.2. The Teflon polymer is very non-reactive(giving it its "non-stick"characteristic) due to the strong bonds between the carbon and fluorine atoms, meaning it can withstand reactive and corrosive chemicals like fluorine.

What is the composition of Teflon?

Teflon is a compound that we call a polymer. These polymers are small repeating units that all look the same, but thousands combine together to form long chains. The scientific name for teflon is Polytetrafluoroethylene. This simply means in plain English many units of 2 carbons and 4 fluorines. One unit would look something like: F F | | CC | | F F and this unit is repeated many thousands of times to form the long chains of the polymer. The single unit is called a monomer.

Do they make something like teflon that's tougher?

Alluminum teflon is tougher than most other teflon.

What does the water drop behaves like concave or convex?

the water drop behaves like a convex lens

What was life like without teflon?


Is honey a polymer?

yes! Honey is a natural polymer like rubber for example.

How ladybugs behaves?

They behave like idiots

What is a description of what a material is like and how it behaves?


What does polymer look like?

A polymer is a plastic. The appearance varies with the kind of plastic and its use.