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Why USB is called flash drive?


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USB is not a flash drive. A flash drive is so called because it uses flash memory that retains data with no power.

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They both mean the same. Actually a flash drive also called as a pen drive is an USB device ( Universal serial bus). This is called so because, the flash drives are attached with the computer at the USB port.

One common name for a flash drive is a thumb drive.Other names for a flash drive are:Chave USBClip driveCruzerData stickDisk on keyFireWireFlash keyFlash memory driveFlashdiskFlashdriveHandy driveJump DriveJunk DriveKey driveKeychain driveMemory keyPen and thumb drivePen drivePen usbPiripichoPocket driveSanDisk CruzerSanDisk Cruzer MicroShot BrotSot BrotStick driveSuicide DriveThumb DriveUSB Flash DriveUSB KeyUSB KeydriveUSB Pen DriveUSB StickUSB data stickUSB diskUSB flash diskUSB flash drivesUSB flash memoryUSB flash memory driveUSB fobUSB key driveUSB key playerUSB keysUSB memoryUSB memory keyUSB memory stickUSB pen driveUSB stickUSB thumb driveVault drivesZipstickŜot Brot called a flash drive or a pen drive or a USB key or something like that

The difference is the USB part. Some Flash Drives are USB, some are PS2 Port capable, the word Flash Drive is a rounded name for any Drive capable of information being put on it. The USB Flash Drive simply states that this is a flash drive that connects with a USB connector.

Trek Invented the first USB flash drive.

the creator of the usb flash drive is Dov Moran

a flash drive or pen drive, or possibly a USB key

A USB flash memory drive is a removable hardware device

USB flash drive,Hard disk drive

NO, becasue it's original name is flash drive or USB flash drive. As we connect flash drive to the USB port of a PC or laptop, it flash its content (files and folders) instantly. That is the reason it is called USB FLASH DRIVE.As far as name PEN DRIVE is concern, USB Flash drive came in different shapes and one of the shape is PEN. That's why some people specially people coming from Indian region call it PEN drive. Same like they call Photocopier as Xerox machine (as well know that XEROX is the name of the company only)..Ans:A USB flash drive or simply flash drive is a type of removable storage medium.The flash drive comes in various shapes and sizes (both bulkyandsmall) like watches,wrist bands, ikura sushi,swiss knives etc.Some USB flash drives had shapes like pen which were very popular and thus people remember these drives as pen drives rather than USB flash drives.A pen drive is a popular name not the official name of this storage medium.

A USB flash drive, also variously known as a USB drive, USB stick, thumb drive, pen drive, flash-disk, or USB memory, [a] is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated USB interface. USB flashdrives are typically removable and rewritable, and physically much smaller than an optical disc.

A USB flash drive is considered to have volatile memory. It is called volatile because it is easily changed or deleted.

The same way you transfer any other file to a USB Flash drive.

how do u save downloado a flash drive

They are called this because the memory inside it is known as Flash Memory or a Flash Chip. Why is flash memory called this? Because it is so fast - as in flash of light.

They are called this because the memory inside it is known as Flash Memory or a Flash Chip. Why is flash memory called this? Because it is so fast - as in flash of light.

Technically speaking there is no set limit, as technology grows - so will the size of a USB Flash drive. ------------ To my knowledge the most memory you can have on a USB flash drive is 256 GB.

The USB flash drive on your MAC does not lock. To remove the USB drive just firmly hold it and gently pull from the socket. Flash drives are a very convenient way to save data from your hard drive.

its also called a thumb drive or a USB flash drive. it is a form of removable solid state disk.

Go on My Computer.. And its shown.

Yes, USB key and flash are just different words for it

A USB drive is essentially a way to store and make a computer document portable and able to be seen in any other device with a USB drive port. One would plug the USB flash drive device into the correct port on the device. Then follow the on screen instructions to save a document to the USB flash drive device.

The USB Flash drive was not invented for a particular computer.

USB Flash Drives are called thumb drives

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