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Its all because of the electron dencity around the nucleus.when a carbon atom makes 3 bonds with another carbon atom there exists 1 sigma bond and 2 pi bonds,but it needs very high energy to have 1 sigma bond and 3 pi bonds that's why a carbon atom cannot make 4 bonds with another carbon atom.

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2011-09-13 22:05:59
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Q: Why a carbon atom cannot make 4 bonds with another carbon atom?
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What is the total number of bonds formed by one carbon atom with another atom?


What type of bond is formed when there are 4 separate covalent bonds between a carbon atom and another atom?

Carbon bond?

Why does carbon atom not form four bonds with another carbon atom?

Carbon atoms linked together via sp3 bonds are a common allotrope of elemental carbon, also known as diamond. This is a carbon atom linked with four other carbon atomons in a tetrahedral geometry.

What type of bond does carbon usually form?

Carbon bonds with other atoms through covalent bonds, which is when an atom shares electrons with another atom. Carbon has four electrons available for covalent bonding.

How many bonds can one one carbon atom have?

A carbon atom can form 4 bonds at maximum.

The carbon atom is capable of forming how many covalent bonds?

The carbon atom can form up to four covalent bonds.

How many bonds must a carbon atom have in order to be stable?

4 covalent bonds result in a stable carbon atom.

Which molecules show an appropriate number of bonds around each carbon atom?

The molecule that shows an appropriate number of bonds around each carbon atom should show the carbon atom with 4 total bonds.

Are carbon atom that attach to four another carbons chiral atom or no?

If a carbon atom forms four covalent bonds with four different atoms or groups, the particular carbon is said to be chiral. And the molecule shows stereoisomerism around that atom.

How many single covalent bonds can a carbon atom form?

A carbon atom can form 4 single covalent bonds

Haw many bonds can each carbon atom make?

Carbon makes 4 bonds.

How many bonds does the carbon atom have?


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