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1) It's ok to have a bad freshman GPA 2) Show that you took the hardest classes possible each year 3) Make your 3rd/junior year your best performance 4) Don't forget about great SAT and ACT scores 5) Aim for the top 5% of your high school class Hope that helps!

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Q: Why a good GPA won't get you into Harvard?
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What is the standard GPA for Harvard?

There is no accorate GPA to get on harvard

Do you need a good GPA to get to Harvard?

yes u need a 3.7 GPA or higher

Harvard GPA you would need?

this is the GPA you need to get a 2.0 GPA

I just got accepted to Harvard is that good?

yes, wow that is amazing, i wanted to apply to Harvard even though i am still a sophomore. do you have any advice of what i can do in order to get accepted. not trying to get too personal or anything but what is your GPA when you applied into Harvard and what was your GPA as a freshmen?

What does it take to get into Harvard?

A very good GPA, good recommendations, community service, a good application, and plenty of money helps.

You are going to be in high school next year and you want to go to Harvard for college you are a good student but how hard do you have work to get into Harvard University?

this is how you get into Harvard you need about a 35 or a 36 act a 4.0 or close to a 4.0 GPA and a good rec letter to

Is a 3.43 GPA college good enough for Harvard University?

Might be not. They didn't open their GPA score of accepted students but it's known as around 3.7. And other test scores are high. check out the harvard admission requirements and scores.

What was Mitt Romney's gpa at harvard?


What is gpa requirement for Harvard?

Earn a B or higher in 3 graduate-credit Harvard courses(12 credits) from the program curriculum.

Will a 2.8 GPA get you into Harvard?

noo 3.0 or better

What GPA do you need to maintain at Harvard university?


What is the minimum gpa for Harvard?

To get into Havard law you need a minimum GPA of 3.80 and an LSAT of 170.