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it is due to the surface tension of water. due to the inter molecular forces present in between the molecules of water, the surface of water behave as a stretched membrane. blade and paper clip do not exert enough force to pierce the surface of water. so they flot over the surface of water.

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Q: Why a razor blade and paper clip float in the water?
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Why does a blade sink on soapy water?

You can float a razor blade on water due to the 'Surface Tension' of the water. This is the tendancy of the water molecules to stay tightly together, which is why a water drop forms a 'hump' on a surface. Soap is a 'wetting agent', or surfactant. When you add soap to the liquid, the surface tension is drastically reduced, and the water molecules 'flow' around objects, like the razor blade. So, it sinks.

Why does razor blade float?

In case of a razor blade, the surface area of the blade increases as compared to a steel block of probably the same mass kept in water. Pressure is inversely proportional to area. Hence less pressure acts on the blade in downward direction resulting in floating of it on water surface. Bouyant force exerted on the body increases than weight acting downwards causing the floating.

Why does a steel razor blade float on water yet steel is denser than water?

Razor blades and paper float in water because they are both less dense than water. They are able to displace an amount of water equal to their own weight before they are completely submerged, enabling them to float.

Does crushed paper ball float or sink in water?


Why wont a paper boat float on normal water?

Because a paper boat does not have balance to float

Why paper boat float on water?


Why does paper cups float?

Paper cups float because they are less dense than the water. Paper cups are made up of a light material, therefore making it float easily on the water's surface.

Does paper float on water?

Well,I could say yes,but it also depends on what kind of paper u use,so technically,yes paper can float on water

Does origami paper float in water?


Will a paper float?

As long as it can displace a volume of water equal to its mass (ie its density is less than that of the water) it will float. Most paper will have a density less than that of water (or can be so folded) so will float.

Will a paper clip float on soap water?


Why does paper float on water?

because it's less dense .