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Why a snow rabbit change the color of the fur in winter?


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There fur changes white so that it will blend in with the snow so that it will be easy for it to hide from its predators.

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The rabbit is a Forrest rabbit. These change to winter fur that is white. The color is for camouflage against larger predators and there for white for the winter snow

The same as

No, they do not change color, other than in the Winter, when they get covered by snow.

for better camouflage , depending at the seasons !

A snow rabbit is commonly found in the north because it's fur changes from brown to white when it's winter.

Snowshoe hares change color with the season. They turn brown in the summer and white in the winter. The color change helps to camouflage the hare all year round. If it should snow before the rabbit turns white, the brown coat would make them stand out against the white snow.

They shed there summer coat off and grow a snow-white coat. This helps them camouflage when predator are near.

It depends. The snow hare will change the color of its fur when it changes from winter to spring.

Wild rabbits are usually brown or a dark color. Snow hares are white in winter to blend in with the enviroment. If you are talking about domestic rabbits then it depends on the breed. There is a variety of colors!

The color of the wolf does not change with the seasons.

To avoid being seen my preditors, in the winter, the feathers turn white and blend with the color of snow.

so it can blend in with the plants and snow. So in winter time it turns white so it can blend in with snow and in summer it turns a brownish color s it can blend in with plants and ground

It molts its brown fur and becomes a snow white color. It has camouflage with the snow during winter.

1 vole 2 snow rabbit 3 ice fish

Adapted in science means that the animal has change for its environment. Examples of this is like a snow-shoe rabbit...... In the summer they are usually brown, but in the winter they turn white.

the adapt in the winter when there is snow they blend in to the snow this helps them hunt.

Not exactly, but sometimes it can become grayer.

Wild rabbits fur color is designed for camo. A wild hare will have a color that is called Aguti in domesticated rabbits. And again a snow hare will have a white coat to blend in with the snow. Domesticated rabbits on the other hand, their fur color comes from genetics. For example you breed a black rabbit to a black rabbit you are going to get 3/4 black and 1/4 what is in their pedigree.

The darker the Willyworm the more snow there is going to be in the winter.

They become whiter in winter because they usually live in Alaska or Canada, where the snow is. The whiter color is to help them blend in with the snow.

The name of the rabbit in snow white barney

No because my friends rabbit died in the winter by the snow it wasn't her fault her dad forgot to bring the rabbit in. So it frozed to death, so please don't keep your rabbit outside only if you have a VERY warm hutch!

Yes. I've tried it and it works!

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