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Mercury is toxic but alcohol is not and alcohol is cheaper than mercury

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Q: Why alcohol used in laboratory thermometers instead of mercury?
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Why are thermometers made with alcohol instead of water?

thermometers are made out of mercury and alcohol because mercury expands when it is heated

What is used in thermometers now instead of mercury?


Why is mercury used in clinical thermometer and not laboratory thermometer?

Mercury is no longer used much in thermometers due to the poisonous compounds that it forms. When I grew up, in Chemistry at school and at the doctors there were mercury thermometers and alcohol thermometers.

Why alcohol used instead of mercury in modern thermometers?

Because mercury is toxic, poisonous while alcohol is fairly harmless.

Why is Mercury used in thermometers instead of alcohol?

Mercury thermometers have advantages over alcohol thermometers. The liquid is visible making the results easy to read. It expands at a regular interval. It measures temperature quickly and accurately.

What are the two most commonly found in liquid-in-glass thermometers?

if you mean what are the two most commonly found liquids in a liquid-and-glass thermometer then the answer is mercury and alcohol :) hope this helps

What are used in thermometers?

Mercury and alcohol

What is in a thermometer besides Mercury?

There is nothing else in a mercury thermometer. However, some similar (glass tube-type) thermometers contain alcohol instead of mercury. Ray

Which instrument is often filled with mercury or colored water or alcohol?

Thermometers are the instrument that is often filled with mercury, colored water, or alcohol. Most early thermometers were made with mercury.

What fluids can be used to measure temperature?

The most common are mercury and alcohol. Mercury is being phased out because it is toxic. Alcohol thermometers are used to replace the old mercury thermometers.

How are mercury thermometers used today?

Mercury thermometers are rarely used, except in lab thermometers. For human use, they have been replaced by dyed alcohol glass thermometers, or electronic digital thermometers.

Why must mercury be used in thermometers?

It must not. Mercury is very toxic. It's safer to use colored alcohol in thermometers.