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Why aluminum less reactive than it is in its reactive series?

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Aluminum is exactly as reactive as it is in the reactivity series. However, when aluminum reacts, with oxygen for instance, a thin layer of aluminum oxide builds up on the outside of the aluminum metal. This prevents more oxygen from reaching unreacted aluminum metal. This prevents the reaction from proceeding further, thus effectively protecting the aluminum metal from further reaction.

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Is copper more reactive then aluminium?

No, copper is less reactive than aluminum.

Which is the less reactive - aluminum or lithium?

Aluminium is much less reactive than Lithium.

Why is carbon not used for reducing aluminum from aluminum oxide?

because aluminium is more reactive than carbon (open "reactive series" in internet).

Is aluminum more reactive than chromium?

Yes, aluminum is more reactive than chromium. This would be the case in both a reactivity series or electrochemical series. Please see the related link for more information.

Is aluminium less reactive than magnesium?

Yes aluminum is less reactive than magnesium it is less reactive because as you read left to right on the periodic table the elements become less reactive because they get more electrons on their valence shells hope this helps you

Is zinc less reactive with potassium based from activity series of metals?

Yes, zinc is LESS reactive than potassium based on the activity series.

Is bronze more reactive than aluminium?

Bronze is not an element, it is an alloy (mixture) of copper and tin. Both are less reactive than aluminum.

Is calcium sulfide more or less reactive to aluminum?

Chemistry of calcium Calcium is generally more reactive than magnesium

Why is aluminum less reactive than zinc?

When aluminum is produced in a metallic form, it immediately reacts with the oxygen in the air, forming a monomolecular layer of aluminum oxide on its surface, and it is the aluminum oxide which is relatively non-reactive, and which prvents the metallic aluminum from undergoing further reactions. However, aluminum is actually more reactive than zinc, as long as it is allowed to react.

Does magnesium sulphate react with aluminium?

No.Mg is less reactive than aluminum,therefore mg solution will not react with aluminum metal.

Is aluminum reactive than gold?

Aluminium is more reactive than gold.

What is the reactivity of cadmium?

In between iron and cobalt in the reactivity series. It's less reactive than carbon, but more reactive than hydrogen.

Why aluminium less reactive than iron?

No. Aluminum is actually more reactive than iron. Aluminum will actually oxidize spontaneously on contact with air. This forms a microscopic layer of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) which is a very hard and chemically resistant substance. This layer protects the aluminum from further oxidation.

Is zinc more reactive than aluminium?

aluminum is more reactive than zinc!!

In bikes is titanium more or less reactive than magnesium?

Titanium is less reactive than magnesium, but it's a moot point. What's labelled as a Magnesium frame is usually a (mainly) Aluminum alloy, with some magnesium in it.

Is hydrogen recative?

Hydrogen is more reactive than Copper, but less reactive than Zinc which is less reactive than Magnesium which is less reactive than Potassium. Potassium is the most reactive of all, relatively speaking.

Why is it not be possible to extract aluminium by reacting iron with aluminum sulfate?

Because Iron is less reactive than Aluminium!

What is more reactive carbon or aluminum?

Aluminium. This is because aluminum is "higher" than carbon in the reactivity series. You may wish to refer to the reactivity series if you need to compare the relative reactivities of other metals.

Is titanium more or less reactive than magnesium?

Ti is less reactive than Mg.

Is aluminum more reactive than iron?


Is aluminum more reactive than copper?


Is lithium more reactive than aluminum?


Is chlorine more reactive than aluminum?

Yes, chlorine is a very reactive chemical element.

Why aluminium is more reactive than iron but its corrosion is less than iron?

lol , because iron is used in iron man suit and aluminum in foil

Would you expect lithium to be more or less reactive than cesium?

Lithium is less reactive than caesium