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ha- (×”Ö¾) is a prefix that means "the."

In flowery Hebrew, it can also be used to indicate a question.

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Q: Why and how is ha used in Hebrew?
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Does ha mean divine breath in Hebrew?

No. "ha (×”) means "the" in Hebrew. It can also be used to indicate a yes/no question.

How do you say the Hebrew alphabet in Hebrew?

ha-alefbet ha-ivri (האלפבית העברי)

How do you say western wall in Hebrew?

The Western Wall in Jerusalem is called the Kotel in Hebrew. It is also called ha-kotel or ha-kotel ha-maaravi.

Yom ha zikaron?

what is the meaning of yom ha zikaron in hebrew

How do you say 'You are the light' in Hebrew?

to a man: atah ha-or. to a woman: at ha-or.

What is the ha-mod in Hebrew?

"ha-mod" is not a Hebrew word, although "ha" is a prefix that means "the".

What does 'ha' mean in Hebrew?

Prefix meaning "the"

How do you say 'this place' in Hebrew?

This place = ha makóm ha zeh (המקום הזה)

How do you write prodigal son in Hebrew?

There is no such concept within either Judaism or the Hebrew language. The closest you can get is: הבן האובד (ha-ben ha-oved), which means "the lost son" הבן הבזבזני (ha-ben ha-bazbezani) which means "the wasteful son"

How do you say 'love' in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for "love" is "ahava," pronounced "a-ha-VAH."

What has the author William Chomsky written?

William Chomsky has written: 'Eldad ha-Dani' 'ha- Sefarim ha-bokhim' 'Methods in teaching elementary Hebrew and reading' -- subject(s): Hebrew language, Study and teaching (Elementary) 'Hebrew: the eternal language' -- subject(s): Hebrew language, Grammar 'EL HEBREO' -- subject(s): Hebrew language

What is the history of Hebrew word Is-ha?

Is-ha is not a recognizable Hebrew word. You might be thinking ofIshá (אישה) = "woman"et-ha (את ה) = grammatical particles indicating a defined direct object. for example: V'shamru et haShabbat = And you will observe the Sabbath. "the Sabbath" is the definite direct object" (In the Ashkenazic dialect, this is pronounced es-ha)